Cat Living A Double Life Returns Home With Note Attached To Collar Explaining It All

cat living double life

This story of a cat living a double life is sure to make you smile! And when this cat showed up to his owner's house with a note attached to his collar, you'll see why this cat's secret life became exposed!

Héctor Morales adopted his cat, Nilo, when he was just a tiny kitten. Nilo was born to a stray cat. So even though Héctor gave Nilo a safe and cozy home, the cat still had a heart for adventure and the great outdoors!

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Héctor learned to give Nilo freedom to roam outside, and Nilo would always return on his own. But as the cat got older, the longer his outdoor adventures became. Nilo started to go missing for days on end, which originally had Héctor worried. But Nilo would always eventually come home, even though his appearance was sometimes a bit different than before he left.

“He always returns home, like he’d never left,” Héctor said. “Very calm, and fatter, too.”

One day, Héctor saw Nilo coming back home from another outdoor adventure. But something was different, and Héctor soon realized why Nilo was putting on some weight while he was away.

There was a note attached to Nilo's collar. And when Héctor read it, he found out about his cat's double life.

“We are the other family of ‘Angelo,'” read the note. “When he’s not in your house, he’s at ours.”

Cat Living Double Life Is Exposed With Note On His Collar

As soon as he read the note, Héctor was shocked. His cat had a whole second family! After his initial feeling that his cat was being disloyal to him, he soon felt gratitude.

“When I thought about it, I was grateful that another family cared for him and had even given a name,” Héctor said.

The next time that Nilo left the house, Héctor attached a note to his collar for the other family to read.

“Can you give me your number?” wrote Héctor, mentioning that it would be helpful to have each other's contact info to let the other person know when they were away from the house on vacation. “PS: Nilo ate tuna before he left.”

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While Nilo's double meals may soon be coming to an end, he will still be getting double the affection from his two loving homes!


h/t: the dodo

Featured Image Credit: Héctor Morales/the dodo