Christina Applegate Walks on Stage with Cane to Standing Ovation and It Has Her So Emotional

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Christina Applegate, cane in hand, walked out to a standing ovation at the 2023 Emmys. And as her eyes welled up with tears, you could see the praise meant the world to the Dead To Me star who has been battling multiple sclerosis for several years.

Actress Christina Applegate has shied away from the spotlight since doctors handed her a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2021. The diagnosis came while filming the third and final season of her Netflix show, Dead To Me,

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Despite her illness, Christina insisted on powering through and finishing the series. However, after filming wrapped, her acting career came to an abrupt halt as she shifted her focus to dealing with her MS.

Since then, the actress’ public appearances have been few and far between. However, upon receiving an Emmy nomination for outstanding lead actress in Dead To Me, Christina Applegate attended the awards show on January 15, 2023, and got quite the surprise!

Standing Ovation For Christina Applegate

Walking is difficult thanks to her multiple sclerosis, so Christina Applegate relies on a cane to help her get around. And as she entered the stage (with some help from host Anthony Anderson) as a surprise presenter, the audience’s reaction caught her completely off-guard.

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The crowd broke into applause and greeted the actress with a massive standing ovation. And the incredible moment left Christina teary-eyed and emotional.

“Thank you so much,” she gushed, as the cheers and applause went on for some time.

Receiving so much love and support for her craft must be especially meaningful given the uncertainty Christina faces. She fears Dead To Me could be her last acting role.

"We don't know what my future as an actress is going to be," she explained. "How can I handle it? How can I go onto a set and call the shots of what I need as far as my boundaries, physically?"

A Cherished Moment

Though Christina didn’t end up winning the Emmy for outstanding lead actress in a comedy series (it went to Quinta Brunson from Abbott Elementary), the standing ovation is something she’ll surely treasure forever.

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What a beautiful moment! With so many unknowns in her future, we lift Christina Applegate up in prayer and commend her for facing MS so bravely!

WATCH: Christina Applegate, Cane In Hand, Receives Standing Ovation

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