Doctor Does The Unimaginable For Elderly Woman In Dire Need Of Medical Attention

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Christmas is all about goodwill to men. And Dr. Yosef Gindzin, an ophthalmologist in Michigan certainly got the memo. The devoted doctor carried his elderly patient through the snow and ice in order to save her sight!

95-year-old Lillian Havenga suffers from wet macular degeneration. As a result, she’s nearly blind in her left eye. Thankfully, though, she can still see reasonably well out of her right eye. But only if she gets her regularly scheduled treatments with Dr. Gindzin.

Dr. Gindzin has been treating Lillian for 15 years. Her condition requires a strict treatment schedule — shots every four weeks — to keep her vision.

“She’s kind of an unusual patient. If we’re late at all with her injection, she starts to bleed,” said Dr. Gindzin. “So in the last 15 years, we’ve tried not to be late by one day.”

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So, when Lillian missed her regularly scheduled appointment, she was at serious risk of losing her vision. And the devoted Dr. Gindzin wasn’t about to let that happen!

Doctor Goes Above And Beyond

When a separate health issue landed Lillian in the hospital for emergency surgery, she couldn’t make it to her eye appointment scheduled on a Thursday. In fact, she wasn’t released until Saturday.

When Lillian’s daughter, Marie, notified Dr. Gindzin of the situation, he knew waiting until Monday for Lillian’s injection was a risky move. Too risky.

So, despite the fact that it was his day off, Dr. Gindzin arranged to meet Marie and Lillian at his office for the treatment. However, since it was the weekend, the snowy parking lot hadn’t been plowed. There was no way for Marie to get her car, let alone her mom’s wheelchair, up to the front door.

And that’s when Dr. Gindzin came to the rescue!

Doctor Carried His Elderly Patient To Office

Dr. Gindzin wasn’t going to let Lillian lose her vision because of snow. So, he trudged out to Marie’s car, and the devoted doctor carried his elderly patient all the way inside.

“He carried me into the office, treated me, and carried me out again,” Lillian explained. “Now, what doctor would do that?”

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Pushing Lillian’s appointment any later "likely would have left her blind." But because of Dr. Gindzin’s compassion for his patient, Lillian can still enjoy her favorite activities like reading her Bible. It’s a blessing for which she and Marie are incredibly grateful.

“Because of him, my mom will be able to see the magic of Christmas. Thank you, Dr. Gindzin, for the best gift EVER!” Marie wrote on Facebook.

After Marie shared the touching story on Facebook, praised poured in from far and wide. Of course, the humble Dr. Gindzin says he’d gladly do it all again!

h/t: FOX 17

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