Dog Saves Owner from Dying After Sensing Trouble And Refusing To Leave Hospital Room

dog saves owner pit bull ruby

When this heroic dog saves her owner, it’s by sensing danger well before her mom does. And not only did service dog Ruby alert Shauna Darcy to an impending medical emergency, but the devoted pal also refused to leave Shauna’s side throughout the ordeal!

God brought Shauna Darcy and a sweet pit bull named Ruby together for a very special reason.

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Shauna thought Ruby would be good emotional support for her anxiety and depression. She was right. But the adorable pup soon proved she could help her beloved human in so many other ways, too!

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God Sends Fur Angel To Help Sick Woman

Dogs are very perceptive. In fact, there are things they naturally pick up on that humans can’t. And as Ruby started her service dog training, it became clear her gift of perception went beyond what Shauna had originally planned.

"While she was training to be a service dog I noticed that she started picking up on changes in my heart rate and would act funny - for example, paw at me, try to get my attention, get on top of me, etc.," she explained.

Ruby’s odd behavior continued until Shauna finally went to the doctor. There, she discovered she had several medical issues, including a rare condition called vascular Ehlers-Danlos syndrome impacting her heart.

Shauna’s special dog saved her owner by picking up on these health problems before anyone else!

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With Ruby’s talent for sensing changes in Shauna’s body, she quickly became more than just emotional support. The intuitive dog provides medical alerts, too, monitoring things like Shauna’s heart rate and blood pressure.

Ruby is happy to help her mama in any way she can. She assists by getting things for Shauna, providing support during panic attacks, bringing Shauna emergency medications, and even providing deep pressure therapy.

"When I pass out she gets on top of me and applies all her pressure on me and licks my hands and face until I come around," Shauna explained.

Dog Saves Owner During Medical Emergency

One day, Ruby started behaving as though there was a problem with Shauna. But Shauna couldn’t figure out why. She felt just fine.

But Shauna knew better than to doubt her fur angel Ruby. The intuitive dog had saved her owner before and this day was no different.

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Shauna trusted Ruby’s gut feeling and called an ambulance, even though she was feeling fine. And thank God she did!

"It turns out my heart was going into atrial fibrillation," Shauna explained. "By the time the paramedics came, I was in pain and barely conscious."

God sent this dog to save her owner. But Ruby’s job wasn’t done yet.

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As paramedics rushed Shauna to the hospital, Ruby stayed right by her mama’s side. After they arrived, Ruby laid in the hospital bed with her unconscious owner. Even after Shauna awoke, Ruby was there. She loved her mom and wasn’t going anywhere!

Shauna was able to recover. And there’s no doubt Ruby is one of the heroes to thank for this.

"I wouldn’t be alive without her," Shauna said.

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God certainly brought these two together for a special reason! And Shauna continues to chronicle her amazing bond with Ruby via the Instagram account, Incredibullruby.

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