A Freak Accident Took Their Kind-Hearted Son, But Here’s The Sweet Way They’re Honoring Him

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It's impossible to imagine how one might respond to the devastating loss of a child, but the parents of Elijah Knight have set an example for others dealing with similar circumstances. Stephen and Courtney Knight have used their pain for good by sharing Elijah's message of kindness and action with others around the world!

A freak accident in 2018 killed 14-year-old Elijah while he was camping with the Boy Scouts in Georgia. When a terrible storm blew through the camp, it knocked a tree down, which fell into Elijah's tent and killed him.

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At the time, the Cypress, Texas teen had been considering an Eagle Scout project that would focus on kindness. Elijah Knight always valued and prioritized kindness. He had come up with a phrase that would lead the project as he moved forward:

"Start everything with kindness, and the end will be okay.”

Elijah's words will not go to waste. His parents decided to honor their son and begin a legacy of kindness by starting a nonprofit called "Kindness to Action."

Honoring Elijah Knight With Kindness Coins

Elijah Knight recognized that kindness without action is meaningless; kindness alone is without impact. So, Stephen and Courtney created Kindness Coins, modeled after challenge coins, as a way to encourage acts of kindness.

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The coins, printed on one side with Elijah's quote and on the other with a unique serial number, can be registered and tracked, providing a record of good deeds and kindnesses that are performed all over the map. What a beautiful tribute! More importantly, what a wonderful trend!

Stephen told the Chronicle, “These are challenge coins made in Elijah’s honor. They have intrinsic, intangible worth in that they are awarded and not won and given freely. We want to recognize and appreciate those who are doing the work of kindness in the world.”

In their grief, Stephen and Courtney have done something positive. They've taken their sadness and tried to make the world a better place. And this is just what their son had hoped to do. The world is a better place because of Elijah Knight and his family!

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"Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted." Matthew 5:4

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