Fairfax County Police Officer Was Almost Hit by Car but Must’ve Had an Angel on His Side

fairfax county police officer almost hit by car

A Fairfax County police officer almost hit by a car must have had a Guardian Angel watching over him after walking away completely unscathed!

Many may not consider traffic stops as the most dangerous assignments for police officers. But watch as this Fairfax County, Virginia police officer, clearly with a guardian angel on his side, narrowly escapes death when he’s almost hit by a car.

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The frightening video is only 1.5 minutes long, actually starting over 1:00. Everything takes place so quickly, and you may well need to rewind in order to catch exactly what happened.

A patrol officer is making a routine traffic stop on the southbound lanes of Fairfax County Parkway. Exercising caution, he stands at the passenger's side window as he speaks with the driver of the gray 2012 BMW. Most drivers move into the passing lane, but traffic moves well.

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Watch closely at the northbound lanes. At 8 seconds, a black 2018 BMW comes quickly into view in the passing lane just on the other side of the grassy median.

Fairfax County Police Officer Almost Hit By A Car

The vehicle moves fast, and the driver loses control as he enters the curve on the highway. The rear of the car spins around and is propelled into the grass. There it continues to travel backward onto the other lanes-where the gray BMW sits with the police officer at its side! What a terrifying moment!

Fortunately, the officer saw the car just as it left the northbound lanes, giving him just enough time to run behind the stopped car. Had he not responded at that moment, he would probably have been crushed between the 2012 and the guardrail where he stood!

The black car smashes into the stopped car, bounces back, and then crashes into the officer's police cruiser, parked not far behind. Though struck and knocked down, the officer scrambles up and appears uninjured, which is almost unfathomable!

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He's not the only person blessed that day. It is amazing, too, that two cars traveled through those lanes immediately following the crash, and they managed to avoid it! A charcoal-colored car and a red car came upon the accident. But they moved onto the shoulder just beyond. Those drivers probably needed to take a breath and offer a prayer of thanks!

A Reminder To Drive Safely

The officer immediately calls 9-1-1 and checks those involved for injuries. A 17-year-old was behind the wheel of the black BMW during the May 1 accident. Thankfully, the teen and two passengers in the car, as well as the driver of the gray car, sustained only minor injuries. And all have been released from the hospital.

The Fairfax County Police Department posted the video, captured by the cruiser's camera. And they encourage parents to talk to their teen drivers about responsibility behind the wheel.

At this time of year, during graduations, proms, and celebrations, it is important to impress upon our youth that their actions have consequences for themselves and others.

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"For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways;" Psalms 91:11

WATCH: Fairfax County Police Officer Almost Hit By A Car

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