Flock Of Wild Lorikeet Birds Broke Into Couple’s Home And Now They Visit Every Day

lorikeet birds

After some lorikeet birds broke into an Australian couple's apartment, they have since been making a habit of it to spend time with their human friends.

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Georgina Brough and Christian Allen first got a visit from their fathered friends in early 2021. The lorikeet birds flew into their apartment through their balcony door hoping to get some nibbles of food.

And once they made the first move, the birds, who live in the trees across from the couple's patio table, made a habit of coming over.

"They are super friendly birds," said Georgina. "We can touch them and hold them, so naturally we love them."

Lorikeet Birds Broke Into Couple’s Home, Now They Visit Daily

The couple shared that the lorikeet birds will sometimes watch TV with them and hang out on their couches.

"We have named a few and have started to recognize which ones are breeding pairs. They bring over their offspring too, which is amazing. We have one called Limpy (because he has one bad leg) who comes over with his ‘wife' and baby," shared Georgina. "They all have different personalities and qualities that make them unique, so they are easy to recognize. They brighten everyone's day and I love it so much!"

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What started as a search for some food has turned into an adorable and unlikely friendship! The bond that Georgina and Christian share with the lorikeet birds is precious and one that I'm sure all parties involved cherish.

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