Pregnant Woman Sets Out To Walk To Hospital After Going Into Labor During A Snowstorm

going into labor during a snowstorm

Noel of Stafford County ended up going into labor during a snowstorm with trees blocking vehicle access to and from the home. So, she set out on foot.

Every birth is a miracle. But one mom from Stafford County, Virginia, had one of the most extraordinary experiences when it came time to deliver her sweet baby girl, Josephine.

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Noel was already past her due date when a winter storm hit the area. But she wasn’t too worried as the weather system dumped about a foot of snow.

“I thought, ‘Well, baby's not gonna come today anyway,’" she said.

I guess you can chalk that one up to “famous last words” because Noel’s water broke around 5 p.m.

Mom Goes Into Labor During A Snowstorm

Going into labor during a snowstorm would be stressful enough. But this is the same storm that knocked out power, took down trees, and stranded motorists on I-95 in Virginia for more than 20 hours!

Like much of the area, Noel and her family were stuck in a home without power. Downed trees created a barricade keeping any vehicles from traveling to or from the house. And though Noel’s husband, Kris, tried clearing a path, there were just too many.

But the couple knew Noel needed to get to a hospital.

"I mean, having a home birth, with no electricity, no running water. Not ideal, not an ideal situation," Noel explained.

To make matters worse, when the couple tried calling 911, neither could get decent enough coverage to place the call.

Help Is On The Way

Thankfully, however, they succeeded in sending texts to friends and family members. They notified loved ones about Noel going into labor during the snowstorm. And at last, a friend texted Kris to let him know help was on the way.

"(He) said it's a fire rescue team,” Kris recalled from the message he received. “They will not stop until they get you. They will cut their way through if they have to and they will bring Noel out on foot if they have to do that.”

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Getting to Kris and Noel was not easy. Members of the Stafford County Fire and Rescue climbed over trees and downed power lines. They passed equipment to one another in order to bring it along. And when they finally arrived at the home, the crew recommended delivering Noel’s baby at home. There was simply no way to get an emergency vehicle close to the house. But the determined mom insisted on heading to the hospital.

During a previous appointment, Noel’s doctor had warned that she could potentially experience complications during the birth of her fourth child. So, even after going into labor during a snowstorm, the mom was willing to do whatever it took to get to the hospital. She wanted to make sure her baby could immediately get any medical attention necessary.

Mom Walks Quarter Of A Mile While In Labor During Snowstorm

Heading to the hospital meant Noel would have to walk through the blizzard. The ambulance could meet them at a parallel road. But it would mean first trekking through the snow and ice for roughly a quarter of a mile while in active labor. And there was always the risk that the baby would come before Noel could complete her journey.

It was going to take a ton of perseverance from the mom in labor during a snowstorm, as well as a miracle from above.

Noel hiked through creeks, deep snow, and over downed trees. And with contractions forcing them to take a break about every two minutes, the walk took about 40 minutes. But Noel did it!

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“Mom was super-human,” recalled paramedic Andy Smith. “Absolutely one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen anybody do in the first place. And to be super pregnant and doing it. She was super-human.”

Special Angels Help Pregnant Mom Get To Hospital

Meanwhile, this super-mom was incredibly grateful to the special angels who were by her side through it all.

"They were cracking jokes the whole time, making me laugh,” Noel explained. “One of the medics held my hand through every single contraction. He was just so great.”

Despite the treacherous conditions, the ambulance succeeded in getting Noel to the hospital. There, she gave birth to her healthy baby girl, Josephine. What a blessing!

Once Josephine is old enough, Noel and Kris can’t wait to tell her the incredible story of her arrival. And they’ll be sure to include the details of her mom’s journey through the blizzard after going into labor during a snowstorm.

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“I had a baby in a snowstorm in a pandemic!” Noel exclaimed.

What a testament to the lengths a mother will go to for their child!

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