Grumpy Dog Absolutely Hates Mornings And Goes Viral Because So Many People Can Relate

dog hates mornings

We can all relate to this dog that hates mornings whether we feel like this every morning or just every now and then. The feeling of being ripped out of your warm, cozy bed to start the day can be traumatizing! Maybe we should all just growl at our responsibilities too.

Lisa Mattuchio rescued Eddie the 8-year old Yorkie mix despite his special needs. Eddie cannot use his back legs and has a nifty wheel attachment to help him get around. His differences don't put a damper on his personality!

Lisa decided to share videos of Eddie to encourage people to rescue dogs with special needs. She said, "It is important to me that I try and share and send a message that you should adopt a senior dog or a special needs dog, it is just the right thing to do."

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She also shared, "We go to dog parks, we walk every day, we hike. They are seniors and special needs but you can do as much with them as a 2-year-old Lab."

Eddie, a little grumpy dog who hates mornings, has gained almost 630,000 followers on TikTok since the internet first fell in love with the spunky pup. Eddie and his fellow senior pooches and special needs pups deserve loads of affection!

In the clip, Eddie's mom walked up to him tucked in his plush blanket on a human bed gently letting him know it was time to get up. Don't make him! He looks so comfy!

WATCH: Grumpy Dog Hates Mornings


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Once the fur mom lightly pet his blanket, Eddie gave her a warning growl that he was NOT ready to begin his day. This grumpy dog clearly hates mornings!

Despite mom's gentle pets and scratches, Eddie continued to growl. It must've been a Monday.

Mom stood firm on her ground. She wasn't having Eddie's sass that day! She said, "C'mon. But I mean you're already up. We have to get up."

Eddie's mom helped him sit up on his blanket. His growls got a little more aggressive — but still not threatening in the slightest. Lisa said, "My little firecracker, you're up! You're pissed, but you're up."

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Eddie the goofy pup couldn't hold back a huge yawn. We are all extremely proud of your willpower, Eddie. At least your day is full of naps, toys, and treats!

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h/t: Newsweek

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