Neighbor Goes Viral When Jump In To Help A Single Mother Whose Husband Just Left Her

man surprises neighbor with offer to mow her lawn

A gentleman surprised a neighbor of his, a single mother experiencing a rough patch, with a touching act of kindness that has since gotten a lot of attention.

Life is full of unexpected, often difficult circumstances. Whether it be job loss, the death of a loved one or a failed relationship, situations can push us to our breaking point. Things can get to the point where something as simple as mowing a neighbor's lawn can brighten up someone's entire day, week or life.

A video posted to TikTok shows John Vargo approaching his neighbor, Mallory Mason's house, knocking and then patiently waiting for her to come to the door. Once she answers the door, John explains where he lives. He then surprises her with an unexpected act of kindness and love.

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Mallory's husband had recently left her and her children. John was hoping to help her out and provide her with some assistance, according to Sunny Skyz.

"I'd like to come down and cut your grass," John says.

Mallory is not sure how to react to John's kind offer.

"Are you sure?" she asks. "That's so sweet of you. Are you sure?"

At this point during their conversation, tears filled John's eyes, as the video's caption states. He was moved to tears by what the young mother was going through.

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Mallory asks her kind neighbor if he is OK. John simply replies, "Nope."

The two share a warm embrace. John adds that he'll get started on the lawn right away.

John’s Unexpected Act Of Kindness Has Gone Viral

The 1-minute, 15-second video of John and Mallory's short interaction has been viewed more than 1.5 million times!

In the caption to the video, Mallory added that John “blessed us" by mowing the lawn. She wrote that "I cant thank him enough! I ran in and made cookies and Paxton made him a picture."

She also added, "Its so nice that people actually care instead of just talking about the storm we are living in. My heart is full."

In a follow-up video, Mallory posted a clip of John on his riding mower, cutting her lawn.

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To repay John and his wife Cheryl for their kindness, Mallory started a GoFundMe page, which he wrote she was "just hoping to bless him."

What a simple act of kindness that meant so much to a woman dealing with a traumatic, difficult situation.

"So then, as we have opportunity, let's do what is good toward all men, and especially toward those who are of the household of the faith."Galatians 6:10

WATCH: Man Surprises Neighbor with Unexpected Act of Kindness


This MAN broke my heart as he looked at me! He has tear filled eyes and I myself couldnt help but cry! He blessed us by mowing this bitch of a lawn. I cant thank him enough! I ran in and made cookies and Paxton painted him a picture. Its so nice that people actually care instead of just talking about the storm we are living in. My heart is full 💕💕 we have so many kind ppl around us, it makes it a little easier to get through 🙏🏻🙏🏻#reallife #healing #neighbors #hero

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h/t: Sunny Skyz, & GoFundMe

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