Huntergirl Wins Over Luke Bryan With Him Saying She’s His Favorite Country Voice He’s Heard

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A singer who goes by the name of Huntergirl sang her heart out during her American Idol audition. And her powerful voice impressed the judges, especially Luke Bryan who called her the “favorite country voice he’s heard” in all of his time on the show!

In this clip, a young woman at the age of 23 shares about who she is and what she does. Hunter is from Winchester, Tennessee, and goes by "Huntergirl." She plays music for a living as well as does music therapy for veterans. She helps them write songs about their experiences in war. Her kind heart shines through her whole demeanor.

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Huntergirl decides to sing "Riot" by Rascal Flatts. As she sings with such rich vocals and confidence, the judges appear to be in awe.

Huntergirl Blows Judges Away

Huntergirl has controlled power in her voice and she knows how to authentically sing a melody in an almost conversational way. Luke shows his goosebumps. The three judges stand in applause and Hunter is shocked in tears at their responses. Luke has to take a lap around the room because her performance was so good.

After many compliments, the judges ask Huntergirl to go up a half step just to hear her sing again. It is amazing to hear the sound that she seemingly so easily produces as she sings half a step up. It sounds even better in this key. Luke says that she is his favorite female country voice on the show he has ever heard.

This young woman has had a wonderful experience and is accepted into the show. It reminds me that we are all given different gifts that we can refine and use like Huntergirl. She did not wait for this big moment to use her singing voice, but she has used her talent to bless others over time.

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“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” 1 Thessalonians 5:11

WATCH: Huntergirl Impresses Luke Bryan With Her Country Audition

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