Friend Secretly Signs up Noah Thompson for American Idol and the Construction Worker Wows

noah thompson construction worker american idol

Construction worker Noah Thompson only showed up to the American Idol auditions because his friend Arthur secretly signed him up. But just wait until you hear him sing!

Did you know Angels come in mysterious packages? In fact, the angel in this story happens to be a red plaid-dressed lumberjack in the shape of a best friend by the name of Arthur.

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Arthur saw something in Noah Thompson that he couldn't see himself and this construction worker auditioned on Idol after his friend signed him up. Now he's going to Hollywood.

I don't know about you but after watching American Idol, I'll be nervously waiting and praying Noah makes it through the competition.

You see, Noah Thompson is a young construction worker who didn't think he had time for dreams, nor did he think he had the talent to make it on some show like American Idol.

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Instead, he was focused on doing the best he could to provide for his growing little family, including his two-year-old son, Walker. But Noah was gifted an incredible voice. His deep, raw, southern voice could almost beat out Luke Bryan and his friends took notice.

Construction Worker Noah Thompson Wows

Noah’s friends believed he could perform with the best. And every time they brought it up, Noah Thompson said he didn't have the time to chase silly dreams. But his best friend Arthur wouldn't take no for an answer. So, Arthur followed God's nudge and contacted American Idol.

When Arthur was asked why he signed Noah up behind his back, he said, Noah's just got pure, raw talent, man."

Finally, when Noah had a chance to perform in front of Katie, Luke, and Lionel he received the news he never expected. All three judges voted in favor of him.

Lionel gave him the ultimate compliment when he said, ""You've got a real life storytelling voice. It's believable." Katie added, "You are the American Dream."

But what made this story extra special was when the judges invited Arthur in after the audition. They thanked him for not giving up on his best friend and being the wind beneath his wings. Katie said Arthur, "Thank you, Arthur, for seeing him better than he could see himself."

The way Arthur believes in Noah is akin to the story of Jonathan and David in the Bible. A friendship forged in faith, strength, and love. May we all have friends that lift us up and carry us even when we can't.

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"Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing." 1 Thessalonians 5:11

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