Woman Sacrifices Everything to Try to Save Dog – Her Husband and Kids Say She Died a Hero

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When their dog disappeared under the ice in Alaska, Amanda Richmond Rogers dove in to save the pet. And that’s the last time her husband ever saw her.

Our pets are truly blessings from God. And there’s a reason many call them “fur babies.” These special companions offer us unconditional love and support. And they become a part of our family.

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So, when Amanda Richmond Rogers saw one of her fur babies in grave danger, she couldn’t help but react. And sadly, her brave efforts cost the beloved wife and mother her life.

The tragedy occurred as Amanda and her husband, Brian Rogers, took two of their dogs for a walk on their 18th wedding anniversary. The couple lives in Anchorage and during their stroll along the north fork of the Eagle River, the dogs stopped to drink water from a hole in the frozen river.

Unfortunately, their Irish wolfhound fell in and became trapped under the ice in Alaska. And without thinking about their own safety, Brian and Amanda both jumped into action.

Wife Disappears Under Ice In Alaska

Brian went in first and couldn’t find the dog. As he was getting out, Amanda dove into the icy water.

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"I knew from the look on her face she was going in to save our dog," he recalled. "She is an emergency room nurse, trained to help and save people. In this situation, she was going to save our dog.”

Though Brian tried to yell to Amanda to stop, she was too focused on rescuing their pup to hear him. And before Brian could reach the opening to try to pull her out, he saw his wife swimming downstream under the frigid ice in Alaska. It was the last time Brian Rogers saw his wife alive.

“I waited and waited,” the devastated husband explained, “and am still waiting."

Sadly, despite their hard work, search parties couldn’t find Amanda’s body or that of the family’s dog after they disappeared under the ice in Alaska.

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"It's very hard when we don't find someone," said Jeremy Lilly of the AK Dive Search Rescue & Recover Team. He went on to explain, "It's always the thing in the back of your mind. It's like – well what if I looked here, what if I did this."

Family Mourns The Loss Of Heroic Mom

The tragedy absolutely devastated the family of Amanda Richmond Rogers. She left behind a husband and four boys. However, Amanda’s loved ones are not surprised the 45-year-old woman would risk her own safety to save a life.

"She did not jump in to save ‘just a dog,' it was a family member," her husband said. "To me and our four boys, she died a hero."

The community has rallied around the Rogers family to offer their support. And this is helping them in a time of intense grief to experience the love and comfort of Christ.

“It is truly incredible the overwhelming support we have received during our crisis,” Brian wrote on social media. “We are blessed to live in such a special place.”

Though some won’t understand the sacrifice Amanda Richmond Rogers made for her dog, her family does. And though life will never be the same, they will never forget the loving legacy Amanda left behind.

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“As we hold each other close,” her sister wrote, “we try to find comfort in knowing that Mandy, who loved mermaids, is now swimming free as our arctic angel who continues to bless all those lucky enough to have brushed against her enormous heart."

“Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13

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