Singer Turns to Grandparents for Inspiration for Song Lyrics and the Touching Song Goes Viral

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For Nashville singer-songwriter Shaylen, some wonderful words of advice from her grandparents became the inspiration for song lyrics. And not only did the touching tune leave her grandfather in tears, it went viral, too!

Relationships, especially romantic ones, can be difficult and tricky to maneuver. When they come to an end, it often results in hurt feelings, leaving people scrambling for answers. One young woman turned some helpful advice she received following the end of a relationship into a song that has since gotten a lot of attention on social media.

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On a recent episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, Kelly introduced her audience to Shaylen, a Nashville-based singer and songwriter. Shaylen explained the origins of the beautiful song, "Do It Right the First Time."

It all began with a painful breakup.

"This is the guy I thought I was gonna marry and probably the worst breakup that I went through," Shaylen said.

Shaylen's first instinct was to reach out to her mother. But her mom quickly redirected her to another source.

"So, she's like, ‘Call your grandparents. They've been married 75 years,"' she said.

Advice Turns Into Inspiration For Song Lyrics

Shalylen mentioned that she got on a plane and flew out to sit and talk with her grandparents. What Shaylen received from her grandmother and grandfather were words of wisdom about relationships and significant others that would later become an inspiration for song lyrics.

"I was like, ‘What's the secret?"' Shaylen asked. "She's like, ‘You gotta laugh at everything ‘cause nothing is that serious in hindsight."'

Shaylen's grandfather stated that relationships are all about giving it everything you've got and being happy with the results.

"And my papa was like, ‘You gotta try the best you can. Love your hardest. And sometimes you might not get it right the first time and that's OK ‘cause everything works out the way it's supposed to,"' she said.

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Shaylen also confessed that after she turned her grandparents' advice into a song, the response on TikTok was massive and that she kind of "freaked out." A lot of people, she said, asked for "Do It Right the First Time" to be their wedding song.

Job 12:12 "With aged men is wisdom, and in length of days understanding."

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