Mom Can’t Feel Baby Move For 2 Days, Then Doctors As Her To Make An Impossible Choice

jordyn smith micro preemie miracle story

Mom, Jordyn Smith, couldn’t feel her baby move for two days. Then, the doctors asked her to make an impossible choice. Deliver now at 28 weeks or deliver later.

That was the choice doctors gave Jordyn Smith after they told her the baby was in distress. But the chances of survival outside the womb at 28 weeks of pregnancy was eight percent. If she chose to deliver at her due date, her baby's chances of survival were even less.

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Jordyn remembers the moment with clarity. She recalled, “We were given an impossible decision. We were told that if we left him in, he would be stillborn but got told if we take him out he might not make it.

Jordyn Smith Faced With Tough Choice

As mothers, we only want what is best for our children. We would gladly trade places if we could. To make a decision like this was nearly impossible. Through God's strength, Jordyn prayed her baby boy Jay would survive as she chose to have an emergency C-section.

“I was in survival mode, I didn’t know babies that old could survive. I didn’t know how dire the situation was until later on when he was given an eight percent chance," she said.

Her sweet baby Jay was in God's hands. Not only did Jay survive the c-section weighing a mere 14.8 ounces, but he also spent 173 days in the NICU before going home.

Yet, his fight for life wasn't over.

Tiny Baby Faces Grim Odds

Six days later, his parents rushed him to the hospital because he stopped breathing. The doctors found a mass on Jay's liver.

Jordyn remembers thinking, ‘Why him?' “He has just got out of the hospital and is now fighting another battle – it doesn’t seem fair," she said.

But in God's economy, pain and trials are never wasted. Jesus governs every detail of our lives to make us more like him. Joy and pain. Suffering and ease, he uses all things for God's glory.

Today Jay is a social butterfly. He made it to his first birthday after conquering cancer. Even though he has hearing loss from chemotherapy, it hasn't stopped Jay from enjoying every bit of life.

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Jordyn Smith says his birthday was magical. “He is happy and giggles, a social butterfly, and is very curious and alert about things. We had a superhero birthday theme for his first birthday, it was so blissful to celebrate that day when we didn’t know we would get it, she said.

Jay is only one, and he's already a superhero in his parent’s eyes. Praise God for bringing this family through the deepest valleys and has given them a place to stand on the mountaintops.

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"Since therefore the children share in flesh and blood, he himself likewise partook of the same things...For surely it is not angels that he helps, but he helps the offspring of Abraham," Hebrews 2:14–16.

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