Josh Groban Shares About Anxiety And How His Dog Saved Him from A Terrorist Attack

How Josh Groban Says Dog Saved Him from Terrorists

Josh Groban was prepared to go for a bike ride when his favorite pooch derailed his plans. The singer shared his experiences with this close encounter and how his dog saved him from a recent terrorist attack in the west side of Manhattan, NYC.

Prepared to take a relaxing bike ride around the city as he often does, Josh Groban found himself exchanging his helmet for a dog leash. For those that follow Josh Groban's social media accounts, there is no doubt that his pooch is truly his best friend. The duo is pictured tackling everything together from long walks on the beach to quick jaunts for coffee. When Groban's Wheaton Terrier named "Sweeney" expressed a need to head to the local doggie park, Groban was quick to change his biking plans and oblige his furry friend.

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Groban started off his walk with a quick tweet: "Two things get me through my week. My shrink, and meeting friends at the dog park." The singer/songwriter has been vocal about his struggles with anxiety. He is quick to discuss the loneliness of being a performer and the importance of finding a balance and joy in life– whether that is a calming bike ride or a walk with your favorite four-legged mate.

"It's exceedingly lonely. Everybody always sees the smiles, the Instagram... People don't see the demons that you have..." Groban shared in an interview.

When Groban and his dog, Sweeney, were at the local dog park he explained that they heard several loud bangs. Those in the area initially thought it was typical construction sounds. But as those around them began to run for cover, Groban realized something was wrong. Grabbing his beloved Sweeney, Josh quickly ran from the area to safety.

"Oh my god, I just heard gunshots and ran with my dog..." he tweeted.

In an act of terror, Sayfullo Saipov drove a rental truck through the Manhattan bike path killing eight pedestrians and injuring a dozen more. When the attacker exited his vehicle waving a realistic-looking pellet gun, a NYPD officer chased him and eventually shot Saipov.

Groban was clearly shocked when he realized how close he had been to being a victim. In a follow up social media post he shared, "I'm shaking. That's the corner I was supposed to have my coffee but my dog pulled me into the park half a block away 10 min before shooting."

Josh Groban told Scandinavian talk show host, Skavlan, how the experience affected him. "That was my path, that's where I was gonna be if my dog had not said he had to go to the bathroom!" The reality of having avoided being in the midst of such a tragedy was not lost on the singer. He quickly credited Sweeney with having "indirectly" saved his life.

"There are those moments that are just too close for comfort, too close to home.. I was very fortunate, I was a block away, I could have been there, I wasn't… It was definitely rattling, very scary for sure."

Who knows whether Sweeney's need for a "walkie" was ordained to protect Josh or not, but we are certainly glad that he and his pup were safe! We continue to keep those families who lost loved ones or battle injuries in our prayers.

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