Julia Roberts Opens Up About How She Stays True In Hollywood

Superstar of screens large and now small, Julia Roberts gives a candid interview about her personal life as well as her new TV series "Homecoming" now on Amazon Prime. NBC's Harry Smith ran the interview. He cordially let Julia Roberts open up about work-life, the new show and even about the fine balance of being a soccer mom to mostly teenage kids.

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During the chat with host Harry, Julia's glowing personality was in full force. The two exchanged plenty of smiles and laughter. Julia had her signature smile on full display and it was obvious she felt very comfortable with Harry.

Julia Roberts Opens Up About Her Husband And Tears Up at A Remark

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As he describes her role in the new television series "Homecoming", he points out the importance of the character being a good listener. Julia is quick to point out "Well, it should always be important all the time, to everybody!"

Then Harry shared some early clips of the superstar's first appearance opposite actor Don Johnson on camera via the hit show "Miami Vice." What a flashback!

Julia Roberts Shares A Peek Into Her Personal Life

As the interview progressed to more serious topics, Julia opened up about her husband's influence in her life. "I give him a lot of credit. Not that I am a different person, but that he has helped me protect my person."

When asked about raising her three [almost] teenagers in today's world, "Mom" Julia shares how she tries to protect them from social media. "... I don't really understand what they need that for right now." Roberts admits that she just joined Instagram herself this past Summer! Sarcastically she quips, "I felt it was my responsibility to social media to make my presence felt. We just don't have the 50-year-old house-wife perspective represented enough on Instagram."

Harry seemed genuinely pleased, sharing, "When you have the opportunity to sit and have a conversation with Julia Roberts, and she laughs, either at you or at herself, it is a thing of just abundant joy!"

Julia’s reaction to that statement was one of the most touching moments. That's when the usually very collected actress found herself visibly moved. "Harry... You are determined to make – I've been fighting tears honestly this whole time we're sitting here talking. You're determined to make me watery!"

It’s great to see a grounded celebrity not caught up in all the glitz and glamour of fame.

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