Couple Was Walking Down The Street When They Heard Kitten Cries And Knew They Had To Help

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An English couple came home richer than when they left for their leisurely walk after the sound of kitten cries got their attention. It seems odd that Luke Hewick and Lauren Hartley changed their route on this particular day, but maybe there was a grander plan in play.

Luke and Lauren reported to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) that they had been walking and stopped to pet a friendly neighborhood cat. When they resumed their walk and heard kitten cries, they figured the tabbie they'd paused for was following them.

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However, that was not the case. When they turned in response, that cat was nowhere around, but the kitten cries were clearly present.

Kitten Cries Coming From Trash Bag

In a moment, Lauren realized the kitten cries were coming from a nearby trash can. Lauren discovered a bag in the trash, and there was something moving inside the bag. When the couple opened the bag, they found another plastic bag inside of it. And, inside that second bag were two soaked and trembling kittens, likely wet from the storm the night prior and very scared.

Luke ran back to their home to get towels to dry the wet, frail felines. He and Lauren arranged with the RSPCA to keep the kittens, determined to be about eight weeks old, overnight.

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The couple made sure the kittens were well fed and warm. What they didn't plan on was falling in love!

Roscoe and Lyla, as the two once-fragile siblings have been named, became quite comfortable and friendly once in the loving care of Luke and Lauren. Soon, they were frolicking, snooping around, and making themselves at home in their new digs. It didn't take long for them to show lots of affection and generous doses of personality. And, Luke and Lauren warmed up very quickly to them as well.

Luke, Lauren, Roscoe, and Lyla are now a cuddly family of four. The RSPCA is investigating the case, but at least this time there was a happy ending. Luke reports that the whole thing seems much more than a coincidence!

“We are proud owners of these little two. We certainly believe we found them for a reason. They will definitely live happy lives with us,”

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