Baby Boy Hilariously Interrupts The Leslie Lopez Weather Report And Folks Can’t Get Enough

leslie lopez weather interrupted by baby nolan

The Leslie Lopez weather report was hilariously interrupted when a tiny intruder crawled into the shot. Apparently, the newscaster’s baby boy was more interested in mommy time than the forecast!

The global COVID-19 pandemic forever changed businesses everywhere. More and more people started working from home.

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And that included on-air TV personalities, too. After all, with the right equipment, there’s not a big difference between filming a segment from home versus from inside the studio. Right?

Wrong. One tiny intruder made it hilariously obvious Leslie Lopez was delivering her weather report for ABC7 in Los Angeles from home!

As ABC7’s Leslie Lopez updated the audience on a storm headed toward Southern California, her adorable 10-month-old son, Nolan, crawled his way into the scene. And you can’t blame the little guy. He just wanted mama to hold him!

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Leslie took the unexpected interruption in stride, though, laughing and picking up her sweet son without missing a beat.

“He walks now guys,” she joked, “so I’ve lost all control.”

WATCH: Leslie Lopez Weather Report Interrupted By Adorable Baby Boy

After Leslie Lopez’s son crashed her weather report, the hilarious moment struck a chord with folks everywhere. So many of us can relate to the struggle of trying to pull off “business as usual” while sharing the “office” with the rest of the household.

The amount of support and positive feedback pouring in overwhelmed the work-from-home mom. Leslie even received shout outs from celebrities, including esteemed news anchor Dan Rather.

“Sometimes working from home means unexpected cameos,” Dan Rather tweeted. He then tipped his “Stetson,” in honor of Leslie Lopez and her “assistant” for giving such a “heartwarming weather forecast.”

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The nod from the famed journalist meant the world to Leslie and even got her “babysitting husband” out of the “hot seat.”

Moments like these remind us just how unexpected and surprising life can be!

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Featured Image Credit: Youtube/ABC7