Daughter Nearly Gave Up On Long-Lost Father After 38-Year Search Until She Spots Him Online

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People tend to use social media to connect with friends and loved ones. And in this heartwarming story, one woman has Facebook to thank for bringing her and her long-lost father together!

Karen Harris from Cornwall, England was adopted as a baby. When she turned 18, she started to look for her biological parents online. Unfortunately, she couldn't find anything about them. Ten years later, she was able to track down her mother. That's when she found out that her parents were just teenagers when she was born and they both decided to give her up for adoption. But even after finding her mother, Karen was still unable to locate or contact her father, Trevor Sinden.

As the years passed, Karen had children of her own and watched them grow up. And she came to peace with the fact that she may never meet her biological father. But God had other plans!

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While she was on Facebook one day, Karen saw the name Trevor Sinden pop up in her list of suggested friends. After looking through his photos, Karen was just about convinced that she had found her father. She went ahead and commented on one of his photos.

"I was on Facebook, and it suddenly popped up with this message from a young lady saying she liked my photograph," said Trevor, a retired 72-year-old electrician. "She put a photo on there, and I could see the resemblance straight away with my three other daughters. I could see she was my daughter."

Daughter Reunites With Long-Lost Father Thanks To Facebook

After connecting online and sending messages to each other for a few weeks, the father and daughter made plans to meet up. Their reunion was a special moment for both of them.

"I've found connection and completion, and I'm cherishing it," Karen said. "Those who are adopted can understand that moment when you first see someone other than yourself in a mirror that has your cheekbones, your eyes, your chin. It is something that someone who isn't adopted probably can't relate to or understand, but it changes the way you look at the world. Now there is someone else like me, loving me for me, and I cherish every moment. I'm incredibly blessed to find him now."

"If it wasn't for Facebook we wouldn't have met," Trevor shares. "The chances of actually meeting were so slim. I have looked on the Internet but could never find her. It's early days now, but I feel we already know each other quite well."

It took 56 years, but Karen was finally reunited with her long-lost father! These two must be so thankful to be in each other's lives again!

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Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Trevor Sinden