5-Year-Old Boy Rings Doorbell With A Tearful Plea: ‘Can You Help Me Find My Mommy?’

5-year-old lost boy rings doorbell asking for help

A viral video shows a distressed young man walking tearfully pleading for someone to help him find his mother.

The start of the school year is an exciting time for children. Students begin a new grade and get acquainted with another teacher who teaches updated, fresh material.

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However, for some parents, the school year can bring about a whole wave of worries and anxieties. One woman in Oklahoma experienced hers and what is likely every parent's most horrifying scenario.

“My literal worst nightmare happened yesterday,” Kelly Mulholland said.

When she went to pick up her 5-year-old child from the bus stop, he was nowhere to be seen.

In a video, Kelly Mulholland revealed her 5-year-old son was dropped off at the wrong bus stop on his first day of kindergarten, according to People.

When Kelly arrived at the bus stop, the bus driver could not remember where the child had gotten off. The outlet reports another student told Kelly her son and her boyfriend's 5-year-old daughter had gotten off at an earlier stop.

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The video shows the child open a door and, through tears, asks if someone can "help me find my mommy?"

Kelly was then told by a neighbor that he had gotten a notification on his Ring doorbell of two children knocking on his door. She proceeded to that address but did not find the two youngsters.

To make matters worse, People adds that it was a blistering 105-degree day.

The Scared Mother, With Neighbors’ Help, Did Locate The Two Kindergartners

Thankfully, the scared mother, with the help from some neighbors, did eventually locate the children. They were about a half-mile from where they had gotten off the bus.

"Somebody, finally, was home," Kelly said. "They knocked on the door, the lady let them in."

Inside Edition reports that Kelly's son now has two Apple AirTags – in his backpack and on his wrist – to track his location.

The outlet adds the school district's bus drivers have been given printouts detailing what students get off at what stop.

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"Let it not seem to you that one of these little ones is of no value; for I say to you that in heaven their angels see at all times the face of my Father in heaven."Matthew 18:10

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