Man in Bathrobe Comes Racing Out to Protect His Dog from a Coyote

One man protects his dog from a coyote by going head-to-head with the wild animal. And his way of dealing with the snarling beast just might surprise you!

Most people love and adore animals. Even if they are not a pet owner, the odds are pretty good that they've had a pet at some point and still have a soft spot in their hearts for dogs and cats. Regardless of whether someone currently has a pet or not, no one wants to see an animal suffer, especially if that animal is a beloved family pet.

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In fact, most people would probably put themselves in harm's way to rescue or protect their pets. Some would go further than others, but steps would be taken to save an animal from harm.

Man Protects Dog From Coyote

A video posted on YouTube shows a South Carolina man, Timothy Snipe, put his safety at risk to keep his dog, a chihuahua named Roxie, safe when it encountered a coyote.

The clip states that Roxie, after spotting the wild animal, ran right up to the coyote, barking furiously. The video shows the chihuahua momentarily disappearing off the screen, but it quickly returns with the coyote right on its tail.

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However, Timothy, wearing a bathrobe and slippers, positioned himself between the coyote and Roxie. Initially, Timothy feared the worst after seeing the wild animal, thinking Roxie's life was in extreme danger.

"I thought he was going to grab her and take her back in the woods," Timothy said.

But Timothy wasn't about to let that happen. Instead, Timothy momentarily danced around with the wild animal until he grabbed the creature by its tail.

After securing the animal, Timothy picks up the beast, carries it and then places the coyote in a nearby trash dumpster.

Following Timothy's courageous move, animal control arrived on the scene to pick up the coyote.

Timothy's heroic move did not come without a price. He admits that the coyote did bite him on the legs, but those injuries did not appear to be serious or life-threatening.

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That was some quick-thinking and bravery on Timothy's part. All pet owners love their animals, but I'm not sure many people would try to pick up a wild animal by its tail.

Proverbs 12:10 "An upright man has thought for the life of his beast, but the hearts of evildoers are cruel."

WATCH: Man Grabs Coyote By Tail To Save Dog

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