Dying Mother Had 1 Last Request So Her Nurse Adopts The Woman’s Son After She’s Gone

nurse adopts cancer patient's son

After Tricia Somers passed away, her angel nurse adopts her son. And this is one of those true, inspirational short stories sure to bring tears to your eyes!

Tricia Somers knew something was special about her nurse Tricia Seaman as soon as she met her. She even swore that she had met an angel.

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“Before she even said anything, I just felt comfort. It was almost like somebody just put a warm blanket on me,” shared Tricia Somers eight years ago during an interview. “I’ve never felt anything like that before or any other connection with anybody else.”

Tricia Somers was a single mom to her 8-year-old boy, Wesley, when she found out her cancer was terminal.

“What do you say to somebody?” said Tricia Seaman about Tricia Somers's diagnosis. “She’s 45 years old. So, I just gave her a hug and she said, ‘I have something that I need to ask you.'”

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That's when Tricia Somers asked her nurse, “Can you take my son? Will you raise him if I die?”

And even though these two women were basically strangers, Tricia Seaman and her husband agreed that they would take care of Wesley after his mother passed.

Nurse Adopts And Raises Patient’s Son

That was eight years ago. Now, Wesley is a 16-year-old with his learner's permit. And he is so grateful for the decision that his mom made before she died and to the Seamans for taking him in.

“I think it was the only thing she could think to do, really. And I’m thankful everyday that she made that decision,” Wesley said.

Wesley still gets little gifts from his mother that she bought for him before she passed in order for him to open them as he grew up. His most recent gift from her was a key chain, for him to use when he started driving.

And as much as Wesley is thankful to have Tricia Seaman as his guardian, she is just as honored to be the one helping to raise him now.

“He’s exceptional. But the most important thing is he just has such a kind and loving heart,” Tricia Seaman said.

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What an incredible story! May God continue to bless Wesley and Tricia and the sweet relationship that they have!

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