Stranger Walks Into Home But Protective Great Dane Helps Him Realize He’s Made A Big Mistake

protective great dane chases off intruder

A protective Great Dane named Dubai is more than just a loyal friend — he’s a hero! When an intruder entered Tracey McKoy’s house while she was home alone, the big dog let the man know he’d made a huge mistake!

Tracey McKoy of Oklahoma City was home alone one day when the unthinkable happened. A stranger, presumably assuming the house was empty, walked right in through the front door.

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Tracey was in the other room and had no idea someone had entered her home. But she had a fur angel watching out for her!

Stranger Strolls In While Woman Is Home Alone

Tracey’s protective Great Dane, Dubai, spotted the intruder almost immediately. But the dog didn’t signal for his master just yet.

Maybe it’s because Great Danes are so often called “gentle giants.” Or maybe it’s because of how casually the prowler entered the home. But Dubai first showed cautious curiosity in greeting the stranger.

Clearly, the intruder took this as a good sign. Home security footage shows him stopping to pet and love on the dog. Once he felt confident he’d earned the giant canine’s trust, he ventured further into the house.

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But that’s when everything changed!

Protective Great Dane Jumps Into Action

As the intruder rounded a corner in the home, he came face to face with Tracey McKoy. And her screams let the protective Great Dane know this stranger wasn’t welcome.

The big dog who’d happily accepted scratches and pets from the man before, now transformed into an imposing guard dog. Dubai showed a whole other side, charging the trespasser while barking and nipping at him. He even lunged at the man’s face!

The intruder raced for the front door and escaped the protective Great Dane. Tracey immediately locked the door and called for help. Police later caught and arrested the man, charging him with first-degree burglary.

This was undoubtedly a terrifying occurrence for Tracey McKoy. But thanks to her furry protector, the worst part of the incident was the scare it gave her.

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Dogs truly are a special blessing from above!

WATCH: Protective Great Dane Saves Woman From Intruder

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