Rescued Beagle Puppy Saved from 122 Degree Car Given a New Purpose by the Fire Department

rescued beagle puppy riggs

A rescued Beagle puppy saved from a 122-degree car is given a new purpose by the fire department.

What would you do if you saw a puppy locked up in a car on a hot day? Would you give it another thought or would you call for help? Most people wouldn't give it another thought. After all, it's just a dog.

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But for animal lovers like you and me, we know dogs were created to be loyal companions. They were created to love and be loved. They weren't meant to be forgotten.

In this feel-good story, a rescued Beagle puppy named Riggs was rescued from certain death when someone broke into the car to free him and took the six-month-old pup to an animal shelter.

But that's not the best part of this story. In this story, the rescued becomes the rescuer. The story about Riggs' rescue spread quickly all over town, and the mayor even took a liking to the ball of fluff.

Rescued Beagle Given New Purpose

What isn't there to love about puppies? Their tiny toes and wrinkly noses will melt anyone's heart. And if that doesn't do it, it will certainly be those big puppy dog eyes and a waggling tiny tail.

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In fact, the whole town took a liking to Riggs. Several calls were made to the mayor asking if the town could adopt the pooch. That's when the mayor realized Riggs was destined for a bigger purpose.

Instead of matching him with a loving family, Riggs would give love, support, and loyalty to those who lay their lives on the line every day. After much thought and discussion, it was decided the rescued Beagle puppy would live at the fire department in order to be a support dog to the firefighters at East Haven Fire Department.

Once staff defined the puppy’s duties, it was then put to a vote on what his name would be. Ultimately Riggs came to the top.

Riggs may not be a Dalmatian and he isn't exactly a larger-than-life tough brute. But he's a mutt with a heart of gold. Now that Riggs has found his forever home with an extra special purpose, he will be rescuing his fellow firefighters from trauma, stress, and holding the darkness at bay with all the love his little heart can give!

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"Then call on me when you are in trouble, and I will rescue you, and you will give me glory," Psalm 50:15.

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Featured Image Credit: Facebook/East Haven Fire Department