Brave Mom Tosses Son From Car Just Moments Before It Caught Fire

car caught on fire while driving mellisa grant

When Mellisa Grant’s car caught on fire while driving, she had just minutes to get her two sons to safety before the vehicle exploded.

Mellisa Grant was traveling down the road in her Vauxhall Corsa with her two sons, Braidan (3) and Bradley (1), when things took a terrifying turn.

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The mom turned on the heater to help defrost the windshield. But to her shock and horror, the passenger footwell of the car caught fire while she was driving. It was a sign that things were seriously wrong. And Mellisa had barely any time to react.

Thankfully, though, a mother’s instincts are a force to reckon with. And this brave mom instantly jumped into action with her children’s welfare as her highest priority!

Mom Reacts After Car Caught Fire While Driving

Mellisa knew she and her boys needed to get out of the car immediately. But while she was able to get Braidan out of his car seat, she struggled to do the same for Bradley. And in that split second, she made a decision.

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Heroically, Mellisa threw her 3-year-old out of the car to safety and remained in the car trying to free Bradley. She refused to leave him behind, no matter the cost.

“I'll die trying to save my baby,” she vowed.

But God’s angels were with Mellisa Grant on the day her car caught fire while driving. The brave mom managed to get Bradley out of the car seat and she and her one-year-old jumped from the vehicle just moments before it exploded.

The car caught on fire while Mellisa was driving down the road where she lives. So, her husband, Jaime, actually came upon the scene before finding out Mellisa and the boys escaped.

Thinking his family was still inside the car, a terrified Jaime raced up to the burning vehicle and broke the driver’s side window, injuring his hand. And what a relief it must have been to discover his wife and children were safe.

The entire experience was horrific. But thankfully, Jaime’s hand was the only injury from the awful ordeal. Mellisa Grant and both her boys made it out just in time, thank the Lord!

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“May the LORD answer you when you are in distress; may the name of the God of Jacob protect you.” Psalm 20:1

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