2 Sacramento Police Officers Find Homeless Family Living Behind Walmart

sacramento police officers homeless family walmart

When a homeless mom Shannon Loveless saw Sacramento police officers Johnny Le and Tim Yee coming toward her family, she thought they were in trouble. But this inspiring short story is all about how that moment changed their lives for the better!

Shannon Loveless and her three children didn’t have anywhere to go when they found themselves homeless. And so, the family scraped by, living out of their car and visiting food pantries for meals.

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One day, two Sacramento police officers noticed the struggling family camped out and having lunch behind Walmart. As they approached, Shannon grew nervous.

“I didn’t know whether we were going to get in trouble or what,” she recalled.

But Johnny Le and Tim Yee weren’t there to chastise the homeless family. They were there to help!

Sacramento Police Officers Help Family-In-Need

When the Sacramento police officers laid eyes on Shannon Loveless and her family, it hit them hard.

"Kind of choked up a little bit, to see the kids dirty and hungry, it touched me‬," Deputy Johnny Le recalled.

These kind police officers listened to the family’s story. Then they returned with bags full of food and toys for the kids.

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It would take CPS a while to find a more permanent place to stay, so deputies Johnny Le and Tim Yee arranged for the family to stay in a motel in the meantime.

It was a blessing beyond anything Shannon expected when she saw two Sacramento police officers headed her way.

"Just for [the kids] to be able to have a warm place to sleep and watch cartoons — you know, things that kids do — you take it for granted," Shannon said as emotion overwhelmed her.

For the officers, this is the side of police work they love most.

"There is a softer side of us, they see this they see the flashing red and blue lights, they look at us bad, we are there to help them and their situation‬," said Tim Yee.

The Power Of An Act Of Kindness

And the officers know coming across Shannon Loveless and her family is no accident.

"I'm gonna call that day a miracle‬," said Deputy Johnny Le. “It was a completion in my heart and my partner’s heart that we did something very good for the family.”

This act of kindness from the Sacramento police officers was a way to be the hands and feet of Jesus for a struggling family-in-need. And sometimes, that unexpected compassion is just what someone needs to keep them moving forward.

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"It's a total game-changer,” Shannon said. “The motivation is there, the morale is there, I'm ready, let's get this year right!"

WATCH: 2 Sacramento Police Officers Help Homeless Family Behind Walmart

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