Stranger’s Comment Shouted Out Loud Changed Everything For Woman At The End Of Her Rope

young woman contemplated suicide until stranger shouted out loud two words

One young woman was going through a dark valley, and was in a terrible place mentally, contemplating suicide, when two simple words from a complete stranger changed it all.

The world is full of lost and hurting people, individuals looking for any little sign of hope. Most people want to know that their present circumstances, while unbearable, will not last forever. Others may feel worthless and that their existence is nothing but a burden to friends and family.

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For those in a similar state of mind, a simple word of encouragement or an act of kindness could make a world of difference. It may even end up saving a life, as that was the case with Trieste Belmont, according to NPR.

The outlet reports that in 2014, Trieste was going through an extremely difficult period. She was experiencing and battling depression. She was grieving the loss of her grandmother. The young woman had also endured the ending of a romantic relationship.

To make matters even worse, Trieste did not have a driver's license at the time. So, to make it to her dance classes, where she was an instructor, she had to rely on friends and family for transportation.

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But then, one day, things went from bad to worse for Trieste. After already feeling bad enough for having to depend on others to take her from Point A to Point B, her ride did not show one day. NPR reports that after waiting nearly an hour, Trieste did the only thing she could do. She began walking.

Stranger Shouted Two Words Out Loud That Saved Her Life

It was during this walk home when Trieste came across a bridge. She began contemplating jumping off the bridge, ending her life.

“I was just having one of the worst days of my life," she said. "And I was looking down at all the cars, just feeling so useless and like such a burden to everyone in my life that I decided that this was the time and I needed to end my life.”

However, right before she jumped off the bridge, she heard a voice. Someone, NPR reports, in a car behind her shouted, "Don't jump" at the young woman. Those words from a total stranger made all the difference, Trieste says.

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“Those words just changed everything for me,” she said. “Having a stranger care about me in my darkest time made it so that I didn’t jump, and it saved my life.”

The outlet reports that following this incident, Trieste sought help for her mental health. She also told the outlet how a little act of kindness, even a simple acknowledgment, can make a ton of difference in someone's life.

“Even if you see someone that has a cute outfit on, telling them might make their day," she said. "They might be super depressed and worried about the way they look. But if you come in and you give them a small little compliment, it could change everything for them.”

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"Last of all, see that you are all in agreement; feeling for one another, loving one another like brothers, full of pity, without pride:"1 Peter 3:8

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