Hollywood Stuntman Teaches Us How To Save Ourselves From A Painful Fall On The Ice

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During the winter snow storms, ice is everywhere, and it is really easy to fall and hurt yourself. So, in light of frequent accidents, a professional stuntman shares how to fall without getting hurt.

I am one of those people who can be very clumsy. Whenever it snows, I slip and fall in ice at least once. It is funny most of the time and I am able to laugh at myself with a group of friends. But then there are other times where I have a painful fall. I know I am not the only one though!

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Falling on ice can be very dangerous. Especially when it’s unexpected. The natural thing to do is to lean backwards and to throw out your arms to break your fall. But that is not the best thing to do. It can result in a serious injury, most often a broken wrist. Thankfully, we have these tips from a professional faller, a Hollywood stuntman, to help us when we are out walking in snow and ice next time.

So, the trick is to bend your knees, twist your side, and tuck your head. Why is this technique necessary? Well, it helps to prevent a very bad injury like hurting your back or your wrist.

You are shortening the distance between the ground and your body. You are also moving delicate parts of your body out the way. These three tips are so helpful! And I will certainly keep them in mind next time I start slipping.

WATCH: Stuntman Shares How To Fall Without Getting Hurt

Credit: Youtube/Inside Edition

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