TobyMac Shares the Story of ‘Faithfully,’ a Song That Helped Him Push Forward After Son’s Death

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TobyMac’s song ‘Faithfully’ has a powerful story behind it. And the popular Christian artist opens up about how writing this song helped bring a different type of healing since the loss of his son, Truett.

TobyMac ‘Faithfully’ Story

Though ‘Faithfully’ isn’t the first song TobyMac penned after his family’s tragedy, it tells the musician’s story of his life after his son’s death. In fact, ‘Life After Death’ is the title of the album featuring ‘Faithfully.’

Toby’s firstborn son Truett Foster McKeehan died of an overdose in 2019. And amidst such unimaginable sorrow, TobyMac wasn’t sure he would ever make music again.

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Yet, through God's faithfulness, the songs came. The first song, ‘21 Years,' was a window into the grief his family grappled with as they mended their broken family.

But as TobyMac prepared for more songs, more performances, and getting “back to business,” his grief caused him to question if moving on was okay.

"You feel like you shouldn't go back to what (you do)," he said when recalling his first songwriting session. "If you go back to normal, in some way you're dishonoring your lost loved one.”

“But when I got there, I just started writing this song ‘Faithfully' about, it's a very personal song,” TobyMac went on to say. “It's the only song on the record, really, without a guest because I just couldn't hear anybody else singing it. It was so deeply personal to me, about God's faithfulness at the hardest time in my life.”

Powerful Story In The Lyrics To ‘Faithfully’

The song, ‘Faithfully,' became a reel of watching how God held TobyMac's heart in His hands as TobyMac learned to live again without his son. The music video unfolds as though TobyMac is having a conversation with a journalist and reflecting on how God revealed His faithfulness over the last few years since Truett's death.

“It’s been a long year, it almost took me down, I swear

Life was so good

I’m not so sure we knew what we had

I’ll never be the same man”

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‘Faithfully’ isn't just a song, it's a testament to God's enduring faith. Even when we are not faithful or we lose sight of our Savoir, He remains steadfast in His love for us. The powerful lyrics and story behind the TobyMac song ‘Faithfully’ will resonate with anyone who walked through dark days.

“But when my world broke into pieces

You were there faithfully

When I cried out to You, Jesus

You made a way for me”

The song carries an undertone of longing and heartache and reminds us that even in the face of unbearable loss, God will be our strength to help us carry on.

Release Of ‘Life After Death’

TobyMac shared the new release on his Instagram. "One of my favorites off the "Life After Death" album and the first song I wrote after "21 years," he wrote. " I remember thinking "how can I ever write a song again, how can I ever do anything again? Why is the world still moving." But our God is kind. He meets us in the hardest, coldest places. It doesn't scare Him. He remains. I will never be the same man, but I'm a man who still believes," he added.

In TobyMac’s “Faithfully,” we find a beautiful reminder that, even in our darkest hours, God will be lifting us up and holding us tightly as we continue our journey through the mountains and valleys. We hope this song blessed you today.

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2 Timothy 13 "If we are faithless, he remains faithful, for he cannot disown himself.

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