Christian Celebrities Tyler Perry and Steve Harvey Sit Down and Talk About the Importance of Faith

tyler perry and steve harvey

Christian celebrities Tyler Perry and Steve Harvey discuss the importance of faith and putting God first. And what they have to say is so inspiring!

While we need nutrients to nourish our bodies, we need faith to nourish our hearts and soul. And sometimes we need to ensure we are surrounding ourselves with people who are deeply rooted in Christ.

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As Tyler Perry and Steve Harvey talk about their Christian beliefs, Tyler shares some special advice about the people in your faith life with an analogy to trees. He says some people are like leaves, they're only in your life for a season. Others are like branches, they're in your life but they can't handle too much pressure because they will bend from the weight of heavy burdens. Others are like roots, they're good foundational people.

I think we can all agree we need more people that are rooted in the Lord in our lives.

Tyler Perry Discovers The Power Of Prayer

He also shared how he came to believe God will always answer his prayers.

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Tyler Perry heard his uncle teach a sermon about asking God for a blessing. As a little boy, he knew the people on TV were real people so he asked God to have the people come out of the TV so he could take care of them.

As a little boy, Tyler thought this was an impossible prayer. A few days later, he came home to a pair of parakeet birds that talked. The owner of the birds had to move and brought the birds over for Tyler to take care of.

But from his perspective, God had answered his prayer, he was given a pair of talking birds that he could care for, and Tyler believed God would answer any prayer from that moment on.

We all come to know God and trust God differently and Tyler's faith journey is definitely unique. We are blessed to hear his message of faith and how our mighty God uses common things around us like birds and trees to entrench our lives in trust, hope, and love.

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When spiritual doubt creeps in, we can turn to God for comfort and reassurance. We hope this video lifted your heart and brightened your day.

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen," Hebrews 11:1

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