Barber in Ohio Goes Viral for Helping 7-Year-Old with Special Needs Overcome His Fears

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Vernon Jackson, a barber in Ohio, went out of his way to make 7-year-old Ellison, a boy with special needs, feel comfortable during his haircut. And his simple act of kindness had a huge impact on both Ellison and his mom!

In the world, a little bit of kindness can go a long way and possibly even change someone's entire outlook on life. One man who cuts hair for a living did just that for a young man.

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Everyone has something they fear, which causes them to experience a rush of anxiety and apprehension. For 7-year-old Ellison, getting his hair trimmed caused him panic and alarm.

Text in a video posted to YouTube reads that Ellison, who has special needs, "would rarely smile in a salon chair." The young man did not enjoy having his ears lowered. However, that was all before Ellison's mother learned about Vernon Jackson, a barber nearby.

Vernon, as the text reads, "takes extra time to cut hair for kids with special needs." Now, because of Vernon's big heart and kindness, Ellison has defeated and overcome his fear. In fact, the video mentions that "for the first time" Ellison looks forward to his next haircut.

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Instead of an unhappy and scared child, the video shows Ellison smiling and giggling as the kind barber, Vernon Jackson, cuts his hair. Vernon playfully interacts with Ellison as he cuts the child's hair.

Kind Barber Has Boy With Special Needs Smiling

In the video, Ellison tells Vernon when to cut his hair and when to stop. The two buddies are all smiles!

Acts of kindness do impact people's lives, whether in a big or a small way. Most of the time, though, we do not get to see how our kind, loving actions touched the lives of others.

But one look at the smiles on Ellison's face and Vernon can rest assured that he made a positive impact in that young man's life. Vernon's act of kindness, taking a little more time, has made a world of difference to Ellison.

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What a beautiful and heartwarming clip that reminds us that decent, kind-hearted people still exist in our world!

Proverbs 12:25 "Anxiety in a man's heart weighs it down, but a kind word makes it glad."

WATCH: Ohio Barber Vernon Jackson Helps Boy With Special Needs

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