Customer Wants To Bless Struggling Mom And The Waitress Gets 10,000 Dollar Tip As A Result

waitress gets 10000 dollar tip

One deserving waitress gets a 10,000 dollar tip and is completely blown away from the kindness of so many strangers!

Rita Williams was dining at an IHOP in Atlanta when waitress Jazmine Castillo crossed her path. Rita shared in a Facebook post that Jazmine was "stretched so thin" when she was waiting on her table. But she "remained professional, so kind, patient and just overall provided amazing customer service.”

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Because of the kindness that Jazmine showed Rita during a busy shift, Rita wanted to show her gratitude and gave her a $20 tip for her $30 bill. And then she decided to hand her another $20 on top of that.

“When she handed me the $20 I was so grateful, and then she handed me another $20, and that’s when I lost it because $40 is what I pay for child care a day,” Jazmine shared. She also said that in order to make that much money in tips she would have had to wait on at least five tables.

Rita and Jazmine kept talking after Rita paid her bill, and she found out how much Jazmine has been struggling lately.

Waitress Gets 10,000 Dollar Tip After Customer’s Post Goes Viral

“She told me that she [was] ready to quit cause [she] can’t afford to Uber to work and pay for daycare for her daughter,” Rita wrote in her Facebook post. “She wasn’t planning on coming to work cause she didn’t see the light and just couldn’t afford to but she came.”

That's when Rita asked Jazmine for her Cash App username, and she sent the kind waitress $500 through the app later that day! But Rita didn't stop there. When she posted about her meeting with Jazmine on Facebook, she asked her friends to help provide Jazmine and her daughter "with a little holiday cheer."

Within a week's time, Jazmine has now received over $10,000 in tips from strangers all over! Jazmine said that she nearly fainted from the sudden generosity.

"I was bathing my baby, and I started hearing my phone go off,” Jazmine recalled. “I don’t usually get Cash App, so I didn’t recognize the ring tone. And it just got crazier and crazier, and it didn’t stop from there. It didn’t stop and it hasn’t stopped.”

Waitress Gets 10,000 Dollar Tip From Strangers

The tips have come at a time when the struggling waitress really needed them.

“Me and my family, we needed this,” said Jazmine. “It’s been really tough. My mom is sick, so I have to keep working because her medication has to be paid [for], and me and my sisters take turns paying for it.”

And the kindness from all of these strangers has brought Jazmine to tears. “Y’all didn’t have to do this for someone you don’t know,” she said. “I’m a stranger to everyone, and it means so much. Times are tough for everyone, and y’all didn’t have to do this. And you did so anyway. Thank you so much.”

Rita expressed the joy that it brought her to see Jazmine blessed in this way. “I am beyond happy for Jazmine. I don’t think it could’ve happened to a better person,” said Rita.

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Because of her kind gesture, people online are now calling on others to do acts of kindness for people in need during the holiday season. And they are naming the call to action the #RitaRoseChallenge.

May we always look out for those less fortunate and use what we have been blessed with to bless others!

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