Woman Attacked By 2 Vicious Dogs, Then Heroic Utility Worker Saves Her

godupdates heroic utility worker saves woman from dog attack fb

Caren Senter of Greenville, South Carolina is recovering from a terrible dog attack. And that’s a blessing since it could have easily been much worse. But God sent a special angel in Caren’s time of need. A heroic utility worker by the name of Douglas Nathaniel Dixon!

godupdates heroic utility worker saves woman from dog attack fb

Credit: WYFF News

Caught In A Dog Attack

The 58-year-old woman was walking to go meet her family for lunch when 2 large dogs came charging at her. She recognized the dogs from living in the neighborhood, and they usually barked when she walked by. But normally they were caged. On this day, they were out loose.

The dogs knocked Caren down and attacked. One grabbed hold of her leg while the other took hold of her upper arm and shoulder. At just 5 foot 4 inches, Caren could do little to stop the dog attack on her own. She desperately screamed for help, fearing it would come too late.

A Brave Lineman To The Rescue

Douglas Nathaniel Dixon, a lineman for Midwest Powerline who goes by Nate, was doing some work just a few blocks away. He heard the vicious dog attack and came running to Caren’s rescue “with no thought to his own safety.”

“As Mr. Dixon ran up, the dog that was attacking my leg stopped and charged at him,” Caren recalled. “Luckily, he had on heavy work boots, unlike my flip flops, and was able to kick the dog in an effort to defend himself.”

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Thankfully, the dogs released Caren. But now, they turned their attention to the heroic utility worker. But just as the other dog was about to join in on attacking Nate, the dogs’ owner came running out and called them off.

Right about that time, the police and animal control arrived. They rushed Caren to the hospital, where she received 57 stitches and is still undergoing physical therapy. But there’s no doubt without Nate’s heroic actions, things could be much, much worse.

“Both the police officers and my doctor later agreed that I might have lasted only another minute fighting off the dogs and (may have had) an artery severed had Mr. Dixon not intervened when he did,” Caren explained.

Grateful To Her Special Angel

Both dogs were immediately seized, and authorities are dealing with the owner. And Caren made it her mission to get the heroic utility worker who saved her the recognition he deserves.

“Most of us are never in a position to have to actually [thank] somebody for your life,” Caren said. “We have words. We have hugs. We have tears. It just didn’t seem like enough, so I wrote letters to everyone I could think of.”

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Credit: WYFF News

She’s written letters commending his selfless courage to both Midwest Powerline and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

“If only there were more Mr. Dixons, more people willing to put others first, then maybe the neighborhoods we walk, the cities we wander and the world we live in would be a little safer,” Caren said.

Midwest Powerline awarded Nate with the Monaweck Award for Valor, and he’s received two promotions since the attack. But the greatest reward for Nate is knowing Caren is okay.

“I’m glad she’s okay, and I’m glad that her friends and family still have her,” the humble hero said at the awards ceremony.

And we know God will surely bless this brave man for his heroic actions!

h/t: WYFF News

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