Couple Experiences Rare Blessing As Woman Gives Birth To Two Sets Of Twins

woman gives birth to two sets of twins

Rarely does a woman give birth to two sets of twins, but Frankie and Britney Alba's story is even more unusual and illustrates that God can orchestrate anything!

The Albas are an amazing young family living in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. 27-year-old Britney is a 4th-grade school teacher, and 25-year-old Frankie is a firefighter.

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The two first met while at church camp and still in high school. Now, they are parents to four beautiful little blessings. Luka and Levi are 18 months old, and their baby sisters, Lydia and Lynlee, are 4 months old. That's a lot of Littles in one house!

And it’s pretty incredible (and rare) to find a woman who gives birth to not just one, but two sets of twins in a row!

The Odds Behind Giving Birth To Two Sets Of Twins

Only about 3% of the babies born in the United States are multiple births, and twins make up approximately 97% of that number. Britney's pregnancies were rarer still. Twins come in three types. They are: DiDi, MoDi, and MoMo. (I'll share a little more so you can appreciate just how miraculous and rare these siblings are!)

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DiDi twins are the most common and least risky type of twin births. These little guys each have their own placenta and their own amniotic sac; they may be identical or fraternal twins. MoDi twin pregnancies, less common and riskier, are those in which twins share a placenta but have their own amniotic sacs. One risk in these pregnancies is TTTS (Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome), which occurs when one twin gets more nutrition from the placenta than the other.

Lastly, MoMo twins share one placenta and one amniotic sac. In addition to TTTS, MoMo twins are at risk of cord complications like compression and entanglement. MoDi twins are almost always identical, and MoMo twins are identical 100% of the time. MoMo twins are the rarest and most risky of the three types.

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Britney and Frankie had already experienced one high-risk pregnancy when their boys, MoDi twins, were born. But Luka and Levi were only six months old when the couple learned that Britney was pregnant again. This time, Britney was carrying MoMo twins!

Woman Gives Birth To Two Sets Of Twins In A Row

Incredibly, the couple wasn't trying to get pregnant, and neither has a history of twins in their family! Frankie joked during their ultrasound that perhaps the technician should make sure there weren't two heartbeats. After checking again, the technician verified that there absolutely and remarkably were! “I was definitely in shock,” Frankie recalled. “But I was excited at the same time. They’re definitely a blessing.”

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While MoDi twins make up .3 percent of all pregnancies, Britney and Frankie's second set of twins was even more statistically significant-1 in every 10,000 pregnancies!

Britney was admitted to the University of Alabama at Birmingham Women and Infants Center at 25 weeks so doctors could monitor Britney and her baby girls around the clock. After over 50 days in the hospital, Lydia and Lynlee were born on October 25, 2022!

The two spent six weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit before going home on December 7, 2022. And that's when the wonderful craziness really began!

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With the help of friends and family, the two have been able to keep up with mountains of laundry, baskets of bottles, and their four precious children!

A Blessed (But Busy!) Life

Their moms watch the twins while Britney and Frankie work, each grandmother taking one set. Britney has returned to work, but through the generosity of her co-workers, she was able to have a longer maternity leave than expected. Her colleagues donated their own sick days so that she could have additional ones at home before returning to work. Frankie's fellow firefighters did the same!

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Britney says that the girls' older brothers are doing their part, too. While they aren't changing diapers or dressing them, they are wonderful. "The boys are great with the girls. Their main focus is just to play and have fun, but when they do see the girls, and they’re around them, they’re very sweet," said Britney. "They have gentle hands, sweet hands. And they’re just really good around their sisters.”

The Alabama Albas can't imagine any other life. "Life has definitely changed dramatically and very quickly, but it’s a huge blessing for us, and we are just looking forward to what the future holds with these babies because they’re special,” said Frankie. “We can’t see life without our babies.”

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"How great is the goodness you have stored up for those who fear you? You lavish it on those who come to you for protection, blessing them before the watching world." Psalms 31:19

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