Mom Finds Out You Can Get Pregnant While Pregnant & Has Twins Conceived 28 Days Apart

you can get pregnant while pregnant sophie small

Sophie Small knows firsthand you can get pregnant while pregnant. And that’s because, though born on the same day, this mom conceived her twin girls, Holly and Darcy, 28 days apart!

You Can Get Pregnant While Pregnant

Though it’s not a common occurrence, you can get pregnant while already pregnant. It’s called superfetation.

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The reason it’s so rare is because once an embryo is fertilized, a woman’s body puts up natural barriers to prevent another pregnancy from occurring. However, with superfetation, the body bypasses these barriers, resulting in another fertilized embryo. And that’s exactly what happened to Sophie Small, a mom from the UK.

"I was carrying two babies who were growing at different stages, but we didn't know that," the mom explained.

Sophie and her husband, Jonathan, already shared a son, Oscar. But the two decided to try and give the 6-year-old a sibling. Even when Sophie suspected she might be pregnant, the couple kept trying “just in case.” And what ended up happening is such a rare and special blessing!

28 days after conceiving their daughter Holly, the couple then conceived her “twin,” Darcy. But doctors didn’t realize this right away.

"They couldn't work out why I was so sick,” Sophie recalled. “I had a scan at seven weeks and they said they could tell something wasn't right. They couldn't work out why one twin was bigger than the other. They had their own sacs and placentas so they could feed when they wanted to.”

Mom Gives Birth To Twins Conceived 28 Days Apart

When Sophie Small gave birth to her twins, Holly and Darcy, in August 2020, there was quite a size difference between the two girls. Though born only two minutes apart, Darcy arrived first weighing 4lbs 2oz and Holly followed weighing 6lbs 1oz.

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“When they were born there was a 35 percent growth difference between the two of them, which is massive,” Sophie said. “And they [the staff] realized they'd been conceived four weeks apart.”

Upon their birth, doctors finally realized Sophie had gotten pregnant while pregnant. It’s the reason her pregnancy had been so unusual and also the reason her twins had always been so differently sized in the womb.

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“Darcy was a 32-week baby and Holly was a 36-week baby,” Sophie explained. “I said it couldn't be right, I'd never heard of it. I didn't know how it happened.”

Twins Thrive After Unique Birth

The pregnancy was a tough one and both girls suffered some medical issues resulting from it. Holly was born with cerebral palsy, affecting the right side of her body. And Darcy’s stomach lining didn’t develop properly. This made for a rough start for their mama and both babies, who were born in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We had two little ones in and out of hospital going to different appointments,” Sophie said. “The first eight weeks were the hardest of my life.”

However, both girls overcame the challenges before them and are now thriving.

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“They’re absolutely thriving,” their mom explained. “They’ve started nursery and they’re very confident. They’re extremely active and lively. I had no idea what the future would hold for them when they were born. It was so difficult but we’re so happy and blessed to have them.”

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