Family of 5 Fostering a Great Pyrenees Is Awoken by the Dog Just in Time to Save Their Lives

a great pyrenees rescue

A family of five fostering a Great Pyrenees is awoken by the dog just in time to save their lives.

Animals are a wonderful part of God’s beautiful and awe-inspiring creation. These furry four-legged creatures bring love, laughter, and companionship into our lives. They understand us in ways others can't. Sometimes I think God sends them into our lives as angels in disguise. They're intuitive and caring and will lay their lives on the line to save us.

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The hero in this story happens to be a Great Pyrenees named Moose looking for her fur-ever home.

Finding A Home For Moose

Moose was a foster resident at the Portsmouth Humane Society, and she was a part of their Paws Around Portsmouth program which allows families to take a dog for a day out. Chris Cushna and Sheila Janes thought it would be the perfect thing for their children Anya, 10, and Logan, 12, and granddaughter Luna, eight. The animal-loving family enjoyed spoiling the Great Pyrenees with sightseeing, long walks, pup cups, and chicken.

Moose enjoyed their love and attention as the family shared her story with the community through the Southside Community Band because Chris was their conductor. Moose’s story moved a woman in the crowd named Emma and she fell in love with Moose.

Emma couldn’t wait to bring Moose home. But she needed to make a few arrangements before her ‘coming home day.' So it was decided that Moose would spend the rest of the rest with family.

Later that night, a fire broke out on a boat next to Chris' family. The water-loving family was sound asleep in their beds when the Great Pyrenees smelled the smoke and saw the flames. Moose knew her temporary family was in danger and immediately tried to wake them up.

A Great Pyrenees Rescue

As the smoke billowed into the air, Moose woke up Chris and Anya. By this point, the fire was already jumping from one boat to another. Time was running out, but thanks to Moose and her quick actions, the entire family managed to escape the flames and make it to shore.

“Those were critical minutes,” Sheila said. “It happened so quickly and, at that point, every second counts.”

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Only God knows what would have happened to Chris' family had Moose not been on board. They were so grateful to the Great Pyrenees for her life-saving alerts to the fire. Sadly, they lost their home and all their belongings. Not knowing how else to recover, the family created a Go-Fund-Me page asking the community for help. At the heart of the story was Moose's heroic act written in detail:

“In the middle of the night, Moosie awoke the family to alert them of extreme danger: the boat in the adjoining slip had caught fire, and the fire was spreading to Moosie’s foster family’s boat! The family-parents and three kids-were all able to get out safely, but their home was destroyed, and they lost everything.”

Thankfully the family was able to meet their financial goal and found a new home while Moose settled in to enjoy hers. Moose is still a celebrity in town, and the Great Pyrenees enjoys seeing the family that she saved.

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God is always watching out for us. Even when we encounter tragedy, he still holds us firmly in his hands. For this family, God used an angel on four legs to save their lives. What a truly incredible and inspiring story that reminds us every life is precious. Let's give Moose a round of a-paws! She deserves it!

"For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways." Psalm 91:11.

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