Convenience Store Robbery Doesn’t Go As Planned After Heroic Cowboy Jumps In

convenience store robbery stopped by cowboy

When a masked man planned out his convenience store robbery, there’s one thing he wasn’t counting on — a lone cowboy ready to save the day!

A scary situation unfolded in Monterrey, Mexico when an armed robber ran into this convenience store. He walked right up to the cashier and demanded money while pointing the gun at her.

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Then, he turned to the customer at the counter and raised the gun to him. We can’t hear what he said, but it definitely looks like the robber was shouting a warning.

Everything about the convenience store robbery was going according to plan. But then the gunman made a grave mistake.

He turned his back on the man with the cowboy hat. And in that split second, everything changed!

Brave Cowboy Saves The Day

The cowboy wasted no time. The instant he saw the robber turn away, he seized the opportunity to wrestle the gun away and put an end to the convenience store robbery.

They continued to struggle with each other when an employee from the back ran and grabbed the gun.

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The robber tries to make a run for it, but 2 employees and the brave cowboy tackle him to the ground. You can see the cashier reaching for the phone to call for help.

Security cameras caught the entire nerve-wracking moment on film. And I was truly on the edge of my seat waiting to see what was going to happen next!

If it wasn’t for this cowboy and his heroic efforts, this scene could’ve had a very different ending.

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God definitely put this man in the right place at the exact right time. His bravery not only helped catch a dangerous robber, but he may have saved the lives of countless others too.

WATCH: Cowboy Thwarts Convenience Store Robbery

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Featured Image: BBC News