Woman Comes Home From The Hospital After Months Away And Her Dog Is Overcome With Joy

home from the hospital

With her owner finally home from the hospital after months away, Sola the dog can barely contain her excitement. The joy this pup shows when reunited with her beloved human is truly touching!

Cancer is an evil word. Cancer does nothing but harm and destroys. It's a life-changing diagnosis that's hard on everyone – the patient, their family and friends. Also, as one tear-jerking video shows, a cancer diagnosis is also challenging for patients’ pets.

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The clip posted on YouTube begins with Sola essentially picking up that something is wrong with her owner, Yun J. The animal hugs her owner and lets out a light whimper, almost signifying that it understands the situation.

In the next scene, Yun J sits in a salon chair as a barber cuts her hair. Sola is then confronted with Yun J's new haircut. Those who watch the clip will see the dog take in the change. Again, the animal seems to understand that the shift means something monumental is about to take place.

Dog Awaits Owner Coming Home From The Hospital

The dog took this especially hard when Sola's owner had to go away and stay at the hospital for several months. But before Yun J left for the medical facility, Sola added something to the suitcase. The dog places one of her toys in the luggage.

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But as the video shows, even though they were away, Sola and Yun J managed to spend time together. Yun J would FaceTime with Sola, with the dog watching as she turned her head back and forth, taking in the picture and sounds of her best friend.

Then, nine months into her hospital stay, Sola finally interacts with Yun J again. Sola could not contain her excitement. She whimpered and whined with joy, practically jumping over her doggy sibling.

Before the clip concludes, Yun J makes her return home from the hospital to her furry, four-legged best friend. Sola, once again, cannot contain herself. It's a sweet and touching reunion between two best friends.

Animals are special beings. They are much smarter than most like to admit. Those furry, four-legged creatures continually show they are extremely intelligent and able to grasp the gravity and meaning of situations.

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Proverbs 12:10 "A righteous man regards the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel."

WATCH: Dog Overjoyed When Owner Comes Home From The Hospital

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