Widow Devastated That Her Dog Is Missing Gets “Total Miracle” As Pup Is Pulled from Raging River

dog saved from river

An Elyria, Ohio, widow is incredibly thankful that her beloved dog was saved from a rising river following recent severe storms in Ohio's Lorain County.

Renee Morton (60) reported her 14-year-old boxer-pit bull mix missing after the pet strayed from her backyard during a break in the string of storms, which lingered over the course of a few days. Renee was crushed and terribly concerned by the disappearance of her dog, Sienna.

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She said, "I recently lost my husband to ALS in April, and to lose her too would have been so hard. I worried that she might not come back, but in the back of my head, I still believed that God could bring her back if he wanted to."

Two days after Renee reported Sienna missing, her precious companion was spotted.

Dog Saved From River Just In Time

Jim Warren was watching the rising Black River from the back patio of his Elyria home. And, at the edge of the rain-swollen river, he saw something moving.

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After a closer look, he determined that there was a dog trapped between the raging waters and a downed tree. Realizing that the pup was in danger, Jim called the Lorain County Dog Warden.

Chief Deputy Nelson Delgado responded to the call. And he quickly surmised that the dog trapped by the rapids below was likely the same one reported missing by Renee Morton a couple of days earlier. Chief Deputy Delgado knew he had to work fast. If Sienna were to lose her footing and be washed away by the river, she'd likely be killed when she reached Cascade Park's waterfalls just a short distance downriver.

Remembering the name of the missing dog, Chief Deputy Delgado called out to Sienna. And hearing her name, she "kind of woke up." Nelson Delgado told Fox 8, "I had never seen the river that high before. This is really crazy water running through it."

Brave Rescue Brings Widow’s Dog Home

Sienna was probably terrified and frozen in fear! Thankfully, Nelson Delgado was not and saved the dog from the rising river.

The Chief Deputy moved into action, making his way down the bank while balancing on a fallen tree. Though he fell a couple of times himself, he continued until he reached Sienna. He then led her away from the currents, up the bluff, and back to safety. What a harrowing experience!

Nelson Delgado has actually saved three dogs along the Black River-he's getting very good at it! The Chief Deputy delivered Sienna from danger and back to her owner, and Renee Morton describes the rescue of her precious pooch a "total miracle."

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