Drive-Thru Employee Leaps Into Action to Save a Child’s Life


A drive-thru employee, without hesitation, leaps into action to help an unresponsive child.

In America, time is money. People are constantly trying to do whatever they can to maximize their time. The more we can accomplish, the better, right? We've even come up with a term defining how individuals do this: multi-tasking.

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Fast food consumption is another method of maximizing and making the most of our time. Most Americans visit fast food establishments for a quick bite to eat. However, as a clip posted on social media displays, one woman got much more than that when she visited a Taco Bell.

Drive-Thru Employee Helps to Save Child’s Life

Natasha Long was in a drive-thru at a Taco Bell in Pennsylvania when she experienced a parent's worst nightmare. Her 11-month-old child stopped breathing and started turning blue. Natasha described her child as "lifeless" in that moment.

However, one Taco Bell employee was placed in the right place at the right time. The location's manager, Becky Arbaugh, said she threw off her headset and ran out to Natasha and the unresponsive child.

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Becky immediately started doing chest compressions on the infant. Moments later, Becky was able to get the child breathing again.

The child was rushed to the hospital and is said to be doing well. Natasha is, of course, eternally grateful for Becky's heroic actions. But Becky said she was just trying to do what she could to help someone who badly needed it.

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"I just thought of myself as a mom with another mom that needed help," Becky said.

Bad things happen in life, and some of them are entirely unavoidable. However, God often places the right people in the correct position at the right time to help us through those trials and hardships.

James 2:8 "But if you keep the greatest law of all, as it is given in the holy Writings, ‘Have love for your neighbor as for yourself,' you do well."

WATCH: Fast Food Worker’s Quick Response Saves Child’s Life In Drive-Thru

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