Vermont State Trooper Wastes No Time Risking Her Life to Save Drowning 8-Year-Old

vermont state trooper michelle archer

Vermont State Trooper Michelle Archer gave no thought to her own safety as she raced to save a little girl from drowning in an icy pond. And body cameras captured the intense rescue!

The word "hero" gets thrown around far too often today. People, for some reason, will describe an athlete, a vainglorious actor or a morally bankrupt, power-hungry politician as a "hero." In those and most other instances, the term most certainly does not apply.

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However, there are a few frequent occasions when someone exhibits such courage, bravery and fearlessness that "hero" is the best and only way to describe them. Vermont State Trooper Michelle Archer is the definition of a hero.

She jumped into an icy pond to save an 8-year-old girl who was drowning.

"There wasn't a whole lot of thinking," Michelle said. "It was just, you know, jumping into action."

Vermont State Trooper Michelle Archer Hailed As A Hero

The water when Michelle jumped in was only 40 degrees. However, at the time of her heroic actions, Michelle states that she didn't even notice the cold water. It's clear that her only concern was saving the child's life.

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"It's kind of interesting," Michelle said. "On scene, I didn't remember it being cold, but, you know, as you watch the video, I'm sure that people noticed that my breathing changed."

After reaching the child, Vermont State Trooper Michelle Archer grabbed her and pulled her out of the water and onto the shore. Michelle admits that she did not think the young woman was going to make it.

But then something miraculous happened.

The young woman started making noises. It was a loud cry, a moaning sound. The little girl did survive the scary situation.

Praise God for Michelle's heroic actions! She saved that young woman's life and didn't twice before jumping into a near-freezing pond to pull her to safety.

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There are still heroes in society, and Vermont State Trooper Michelle Archer is one of them.

John 15:13 "Greater love has no man than this, that a man gives up his life for his friends."

WATCH: Vermont State Trooper Saves Little Girl From Drowning In Icy Water

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