Granny Goes Viral When She Decides To Get First Tattoo At 82 Years Old

first tattoo at 82 tat granny

Judy Dede got her first tattoo at 82. And the ‘tat granny’ went viral thanks to her granddaughter’s TikTok video of the big moment!

It's never too late to try something new or check something off your bucket list. This Granny wanted to show off her expressive side and get her first tattoo at 82. So, naturally, the internet fell in love with her.

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Brandy O'Reilly wasn't new to the idea of getting inked, but something she hadn't thought about before? Her dear, old grandma getting a tattoo alongside her.

Judy Dede went viral in a video where she gently said, "I'm gonna blow your mind. I wanna get a tattoo!" Even though she has lived over 80 years, she sounded like she had the excitement and innocence of a child. No wonder Judy went viral - she's the internet's granny now!

Apparently, Granny Judy read an article, written by a woman of similar age, that wanted to live life to the fullest and got a tattoo on a whim. Judy said, "You know what, I'm living each day as best I can because you never know what tomorrow is going to bring."

Not only is Judy a fun granny to hang out with but she's also a genuinely inspiring human! No matter what age you are, you should definitely live your life like Grandma Judy!

Brandy shared the clip of her grandma on TikTok, and soon enough, Judy went viral! The video now has almost 6 million views and started the trending hashtag, "tatgranny."

WATCH: Granny Says She’s Wants To Get A Tattoo


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Judy's internet fans loved her so much, Brandy started sharing more videos of her grandma going about her daily life. In one of the clips, the beloved granny is wearing a McDonald's shirt that reads, "I'm lovin' it."

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The rest of the family loved the granny’s idea of getting her first tattoo at 82 so much, they all got tattoos with her! In total, there were at least 7 family members getting inked alongside tat granny. Brandy said, "There were four generations getting a tattoo with her."

Even Brandy's 10-year-old joined and got something drawn on his arm in sharpie. What a special day for them, and we were even lucky that they shared their joy with us!

WATCH: Granny Gets First Tattoo At 82


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♬ original sound – Brandy O’Reilly

The family decided on a tattoo with a lot of meaning for all of them. Like the inspiration that she is, tat Granny took the tattoo pain like a champion!

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Let this family's love inspire you to spend time with your loved ones as much as possible. And, if you needed that extra push to get a tattoo or go sky diving, this is it! Don't let God's gift of life pass you by!


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