Police Officer Hears Woman’s Screams Outside and Rushes from Station Just in Time to Deliver Baby

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One Fort Worth police officer came onto the scene right when a woman was delivering her baby in her car. And he jumped right into action to assist in any way he could!

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“I’ve never had experience in labor and delivery,” Officer Rafael Salazar said when reflecting on the experience.

Officer Rafael Salazar was inside the Northwest Police Station on a virtual meeting when he heard a female voice screaming outside.

“I kept continuing to hear this loud screaming as if somebody was in pain, or some kind of medical issue was going on,” Officer Salazar said.

That's when he decided to go outside and investigate. And he found Marcus Townsend and Leah Reeves in their vehicle, with Leah in active labor. The couple were on their way to the hospital but had to stop because Leah's labor was progressing so quickly.

Fort Worth Police Helps Deliver Baby After Hearing Screams

“At that point the baby had started to already come out,” Marcus Townsend said.

Rafael quickly requested medical services to come onto the scene, and they arrived right as Leah worked hard to push her baby into the world. Thank goodness Rafael was there to help the couple during this exciting experience!

"We definitely don’t expect or even imagine coming in for our shift…that we’re going to be delivering a child!” Rafael said. “It’s definitely something that I’ll never forget."

Leah gave birth to a baby boy named Renzo, and he weighed 8-pound 14-ounces.

“It was special,” said Leah of her son's birth. “It felt like kind of a community coming together moment.”

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“He’ll know that the world is a caring place when he grows up,” said Marcus Townsend, the boy's father. “That’s just one example of it.”

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