There Are Many Different Names For God But This Little Girl Insists God’s Name Is Howard

Gods name is Howard

A sweet child confidently tells her mom God’s name is Howard. And the way this little girl arrived at her conclusion is hilarious!

There are many different names for God. Yahweh, Abba, El Shaddai, and apparently, Howard.

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The last one comes to us from an adorable little girl who has her mom in stitches as she explains God’s name is Howard!

Girl Has A New Name For God

Seeing the world through the eyes of a child is always interesting. With their innocent hearts, kids often see, hear, and interpret things differently from adults.

So, as this mom’s cute daughter boldly proclaims that God’s name is Howard, she has no doubt she’s right.

Mom, of course, can’t stop laughing. She asks her child, “How do you know His name is Howard?”

The little girl immediately starts reciting the Lord’s Prayer…well, her version of it!

“Our Father, Who art in Heaven, Howard be thy name,” she says, sending mom into a fit of giggles.

Of course, “hallowed be thy name” is the correct line. But it’s hard to argue with this precious child’s interpretation of the Lord’s Prayer!

WATCH: Little Girl Says God’s Name Is Howard

You can’t really blame the tiny tot. After all, it’s easy for one person to perceive things differently than another. Take, for example, the 4-second sound bite that drove people crazy a few years ago. Some listeners heard the word “laurel” and others heard “yanny”. And there are entire

And this little girl isn’t the first to hear the Lord’s Prayer differently. A dad has his family cracking up when he revealed he thought God’s name is Howard, too.

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Just like this little girl, the man mistook “hallowed” as “Howard”. We’re not sure whether he’s pretending for a laugh or really spent his whole life mispronouncing the Lord’s prayer. But he certainly seems genuine as he shares the revelation with his family.

WATCH: Dad Thinks God’s Name Is Howard

Howard probably isn’t really one of God’s names, but it’s ok. No matter how we address Him, God knows what is in our hearts and that’s what matters.

It kind of makes you wonder how many other people hear “Howard be thy name” when they listen to the Lord’s Prayer. After all, perception is a funny thing. It’s the reason optical illusions exist. When looking at things from different angles, it’s amazing what else you might see!

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It can also be very entertaining. For example, have you ever been singing along to a song for years, only to discover you had the lyrics all wrong? Take a look at the video below for some misheard lyrics and some more laughs!

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