Good Samaritans Race Against Time In Dramatic Horse Rescue

horse rescue on beach

In a dramatic horse rescue, strangers raced against time to free the animal from the wet mud on the beach before the tide came in. This is one of those Good Samaritan stories that will have your heart soaring by the end!

Some people from the UK decided to take in the lovely scenery and ride their horses on the beach. But since the tide was out to sea, the riders must not have realized how soft the wet sand can get.

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As a result, the horses on the beach sank into the wet mud, with one of them getting dangerously stuck all the way up to the top of its legs. A major rescue effort was needed to get the horse free.

“We do advise if the tide is out to stay on the firm sand,” the Burnham Coastguard said after the incident. “Horses are very heavy and can easily break through the softer surface further down towards the water.”

Thankfully, someone called for help. Rescue crews had no trouble getting one of the horses and the three riders to safety. But the last horse was in so deep, it was going to take a lot of help from a lot of Good Samaritans to get him free!

Dramatic Race Against Time

Getting the horse out of the deep mud wasn’t going to be easy. And to make matters worse, the tide was on its way back in. This had crews racing to complete the horse rescue before it was too late.

The complex rescue operation required help from lots of Good Samaritans. Animal control officers, firefighters, and Coastguard all came together, determined to save the horse. They brought with them all different kinds of equipment — lifeboats, hovercrafts, and a tractor with a winch.

And all of the teamwork paid off.

“After a long, intricate process and with great care taken for the horse's welfare there was finally steady progress made and the very tired horse, inch-by-inch, became free from its sticky confines,” a Coastguard spokesperson said.

The horse rescue took about two and a half hours. But the outcome made it all worth it.

“Once it was freed the poor, exhausted horse took a few moments to gather itself,” the Coastguard reported. “And with a burst of energy got to its feet and was reunited with a very relieved owner.”

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Thank God for all these brave rescuers working together to save God’s creation!

WATCH: Horse Video Showing Intense Beach Rescue Operation

h/t: Burnham On Sea