Mom’s Sorrow Turns to Joy As She Gives Birth to Rainbow Baby with Help trom Guardian Angels

help from guardian angels

Thanks to a little help from guardian angels, Bree Zaccaro welcomed her rainbow baby after suffering the heartache of a miscarriage.

After Bree Zaccaro and her husband, Greg, had their son, they just assumed having more children would be easy. Sadly, though, that was not the case.

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Though Bree and Greg kept trying, getting pregnant again began to feel impossible. Finally, though, Bree joyfully took a pregnancy test and discovered she was expecting.

At her 8-week ultrasound, the baby’s measurements put Bree at 6 weeks pregnant rather than 8, and the heartbeat seemed faint. However, the technician told Bree not to worry. However, at her next check-up, her baby’s heartbeat was gone.

The loss hit Bree Zaccaro very hard. And though she hoped against hope she’d get pregnant again, when she finally did, she couldn’t help but fear her first appointment.

Ultrasound Reveals Help From Guardian Angels

Bree’s 8-week scan brought both joy and mystery as the ultrasound revealed 1 healthy baby and 6 unexplained black circles. The circles left both the technician and OBGYN baffled.

“This could be multiple pregnancies but I don't see the other babies yet, just their sacs,” the technician explained.

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Bree’s baby was surrounded by 6 sacs, something that completely confounded her doctor. So, she sent Bree off to see a doctor specializing in high-risk pregnancies.

“I have seen cases with maybe two other sacs but never 6,” he told the worried mom.

Needless to say, after already experiencing a miscarriage, the mysterious sacs left Bree terrified. there was nothing they could do but wait and see what happened. And as it turns out, Bree believes these mysterious orbs developed as help from guardian angels!

Mom Gives Birth To Rainbow Baby

The pregnancy didn’t go smoothly. Bree experienced bleeding every day. Her doctor placed her on pelvic rest — no easy task with her 2-and-a-half-year-old son in the house.

Bree went for ultrasound after ultrasound to ensure her baby was okay. And by the 20-week scan, something incredible happened. The mysterious sacs disappeared!

Bree went on to deliver her perfectly healthy rainbow baby at 36 weeks. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl she and Greg named Ella.

And since the presence and disappearance of the 6 sacs remain a mystery, Bree Zaccaro likes to credit her daughter’s health to help from guardian angels!

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“Were they 6 other babies? Were they cysts? Were they something that formed to protect the baby? I like to think they were her guardian angels making sure I didn't lose another baby,” she said.

What an incredible blessing from the Lord! We certainly wish the best for Bree and her beautiful family.

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