Police Find 92-Year-Old Under Vegetation Barely Hanging on After Night in Freezing Temperatures

police find and rescue elderly man in oregon

An elderly man miraculously survived falling down an embankment and being outside for hours in dangerously cold, below-freezing temperatures until he was eventually found and rescued by authorities in Oregon.

Braving and journeying out into cold, wintry weather conditions are ever fun. Sure, the falling snow and the snow-covered roads and sidewalks may make for a beautiful, awe-inspiring scene seated on a couch in the confines of a warm house. But head outside, and your thoughts and feelings on those weather conditions are bound to change rather quickly.

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Winter weather – the snow, ice and frigid temperatures – can make for scary, dangerous and even deadly conditions. That's a statement that 92-year-old Larry Hendrickson and his family know to be all too true, according to People.

Larry, during a trip from Arizona to Washington, experienced a frightening situation, spending hours outside in below-freezing temperatures. The situation began when Larry, who was driving a car and his wife, Shirley, who was behind the wheel of a U-Haul, pulled over in Oregon to address an issue with a tire on the U-Haul.

The 92-year-old man drove ahead to find someone to help with the tire issue. Shirley, who had both cell phones, also called around, searching for assistance.

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Eventually, after the tire was fixed, Shirley got back on the road and headed for her and Larry’s home in Washington. However, little did she know that Larry had actually fallen down an embankment, according to Oregon State Police.

After Shirley got home and there was no sign of Larry, she contacted authorities about her missing husband.

Officers Found Larry Down An Embankment Covered In Vegetation

Somehow officers did eventually find Larry. Police said the 92-year-old was found "conscious and breathing" and "covered in vegetation," according to KOIN.

Police said that Larry had "survived the night in life-threatening cold weather conditions."

"We are grateful for this positive outcome. Cold weather exposure can be life-threatening and another night in these conditions may have been fatal," officers said.

Praise God! He kept His hand of protection on Larry during the terrifying and frightening situation.

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"Be strong and take heart, and have no fear of them: for it is the Lord your God who is going with you; he will not take away his help from you."Deuteronomy 31:6

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h/t: People, KOIN & Facebook.com/Oregon State Police

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