Angry Customer Tears Into KFC Worker But Good Samaritan Makes It Right

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When an angry customer tears into a KFC worker, a Good Samaritan witnessed the attack and then did something to help set things right.

It's no secret Jason Schweitzer loves Kentucky Fried Chicken. But it's not the finger-licking good meals that keep him coming back. It's his friend, Emilia.

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She's a 70-year-old service worker who has been working in the foodservice industry for 46 years!

When Jason came in to see his dear friend one day, he witnessed an angry customer tear into the KFC worker but, being a good Samaritan, Jason wanted to make it right.

Life-Long Friendship With KFC Worker

Jason has known Emilia since he was five years old. His mother used to take him to KFC weekly on Sundays for their afternoon treat.

"When you grow up, and you recognize a face, it becomes a part of your mind-space," he said.

This sweet-natured woman used to make him laugh and would give him extra fries. He shared how he first met Emilia and how she became an instant friend.

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"I would always ask my mom ‘Is the funny lady there? Is the funny lady there? She would always hook me up with some French fries. She was always very kind and she was always very funny."

Over the years as their friendship deepened, Jason learned Emilia was an immigrant from Portugal. Eventually, the KFC worker learned to speak English and continued working in the foodservice industry because she didn't have an education. But that didn't stop her from encouraging Jason to get his high school diploma and to stay in school!.

So, when the now 39-year-old stopped in for a treat, Jason was appalled at what he witnessed.

Angry Customer Lashes Out At KFC Worker

A customer "verbally berated," Emilia but she hid her hurt and wished the upset customer a nice day. The KFC worker genuinely cared about her customers

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"He was quite rude to her... I stepped back and minded my business, but I thought, ‘How could someone still be here working after all these years?' You have to deal with the good people, the bad people, and grumpy people..." Jason said.

Jason was troubled by what he witnessed. But then God moved him to action and to find a way to bless her.

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Jason started a GoFundMe page to help offset the income Emilia lost during COVID because she was working on the front lines. He wanted to help offset the cost of transportation and medical costs for the KFC worker during the pandemic. Jason wrote that the funds will be used to “care for herself, pay bills, care for her health, rent, home payments and to continue being an amazing person.”

And God moved mightily, as more than $25,000 was raised on her behalf!

What a way to show how much God cares about each and every one of us, no matter our job or title or even how others treat us! We serve a great God!

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"Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God." Hebrews 13:16

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