Woman Is Nearly In Tears As She Spots Head Coming Out of the Lake at Disney World

woman spots otter at magic kingdom

Walt Disney World is known as "the most magical place on Earth," and one woman experienced some of that "magic" when she spotted a head popping out of the water at the Magic Kingdom.

The Walt Disney Company is responsible for the most memorable animated characters of all time – Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse, to name a few. Those beloved characters hold a special place in the hearts of many.

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At Disney's four central Florida theme parks – Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom – park guests can interact with these adored characters. During a typical day at those parks, one can get a hug from Mickey and snap a selfie with Elsa, Goofy and Daisy.

Instead of a massive mouse, a clip posted on social media showed one woman's reaction when she spotted another, different animal at Magic Kingdom. Two women were in the popular park when they noticed a creature sticking its head up out of a lake.

It was Bubbles, an otter that has recently made Magic Kingdom its home, according to Disney Dining. The evasive and rarely-seen animal was popping her head up out of the water.

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"A rare sighting of the Magic Kingdom otter," the woman filming says.

After capturing the animal peeking out of the water, the camera pans to the left. It shows a woman having an emotional reaction at seeing the otter.

The Woman Has An Emotional Reaction To Seeing Otter in Magic Kingdom

"Oh my God, I'm so happy right now," the second woman says.

She wipes away tears from her eyes as she looks upon the cute creature.

"He's so cute," she says. "I love him so much. I want to hold him and pet him.

Disney Dining, in their report, corrected the young woman. Bubbles is a female who is also a mother. It's because of Bubbles' children that the animal has not been relocated. The company is waiting until all the animals are a bit older before moving them, according to the outlet.

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"Delight yourself also in the Lord: and he shall give you the desires of your heart."Psalm 37:4

WATCH: Woman Reacts Emotionally To Seeing Otter In Disney’s Magic Kingdom


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